About Us

The Macaw Land is a website that has been created with a view to sharing bird care information (especially pet birds) so that people can take proper care of the birds around them. Since the website has launched an expert team is continuously working on this website to make this website pet lovers friendly and to provide valuable information. 

Recently this website becomes an associate partner of Amazon.com. So that our expert can suggest some of the best products to pet birds owner. As all of our experts raise birds, you can surely trust our website. 

How We Create Content 

Creating content is not that hard for us as we have a team of expert who has true knowledge in this industry. However, to add more value to content we have to follow some rules. See how we create content: 

Step 1: Find Topics 

The very first thing we do is find out and select the most searched topics to create something helpful. People often search for things that they find necessary and we are exactly looking for that types of topics.

Step 2: Create Content Structure

To Describe a topic A-Z and help readers find out every necessary information all in one place we create a user-friendly outline for our content. Not only does it help to fill the content with information, but it also helps to keep the flow of content to make it easily understandable. 

Step 3: See what other experts saying

After making the primary content structure, we find out what other professionals say about the topic. This helps us to increase our knowledge and add more value to the content. So we do research, see what other experts say, and add their opinion to create a complete article.

Step 4: Writing

When we are done with researching and we have a content outline on our hands, our experts begin writing. As we have writers experienced in raising birds and have the skill to convert information into words, our blogs are very easy to read and understand. 

Step 5: Editing

It is very important to edit content well to make it user-friendly and search engine friendly as well. For that, when the content comes to form our writer, it’s time to polish the content before publishing. Here, our editing members show their magic. 

Step 6: Publish

At the end of creating content, we do our publishing work. Here, our editor adds necessary photos, videos, and links to our content and scheduled it for publishing. 

As you can see, we follow the best workflow to provide our readers with the best piece of content. We don’t think you have to scroll over any other related content after reading ours to get your desired information. 

How We Select Products That We Refer To

To raise a bird it is important to select the perfect case and good food, and use some tools to take care of it. But as there are so many products available, it’s a bit confusing to find the good one. Here, we trust our expert team to find out the best one. Let’s see how we choose our preferred products: 

1. Build Materials 

We believe the necessary product must be durable. And durability comes to from a product’s build materials. So, we ensure our selected product is built with good materials and has a chance to last long. For food-related products, we ensure every ingredient used in food is safe to consume for a bird.

2. Design

It is also important to have a good design among products. Design not only makes an item attractive, but sometimes it makes the product more useful than others. So, we always look for a product that is designed for comfort. 

3. User Experience

Looking for user experience is one of the best ways to know the product quality and services. For that, we do some research to know what others say about products. And for brand new products on the market we purchase to use and share valuable experiences with our readers. 

4. Look for Pros & Cons

It’s very common to have cons in most products. Though we don’t refer products with major cons. But in terms of affordability, sometimes simple cons can be acceptable. For that, we always try to highlight the cons of every product to let the readers know the truth. However, we only feature the product with acceptable cons that won’t harm your lovely birds. 

5. After-Sales Services

Products that assure to last long must have after-sales services. We keep it in our mind when choosing some products that promised to be durable. If promising product won’t offer after-sales service to its customer, we take it in our consideration and try to avoid it. 

6. Compare the bests

Sometimes it becomes too much complicated to choose the best product. This usually happens when so many bands offer the finest products. In such cases, we compare some best products to find out the ultimate best. 

7. See Price Point

Pricing is one of the most important facts when considering buying a product. That is why consider quality and see if the price is worth the value or not. You will see some of our recommended product is not as cheap as others available. This happens because cheap products always come with cheaper prices and we don’t want to feature low-quality products. 

8. Check Availability 

And finally, we make sure the product is widely available. Products that are good but very hard to get, make no sense to feature on our site. It is important to show only that product that can be easily purchased from anywhere. 

[N:B: We may earn some commission for referring products from Amazon at no cost from you. This commission helps us to run our team to operate this website]

Our Team

Regina Rios

Regina Rios

[Author & Editor]

Meet Regina Rios. A bird loves who has been raising a pet bird from a very young age. Now she studied at a university and maintain a pet bird space on his rooftop. She has so many raise so many types of different birds including Macaws parrot cocktails, etc. 

Mr, Regina Rios thinks that every pet bird deserves the best care as they can’t take care of themself in a small space. For that, she launched macawland.com with a view to sharing necessary pet and wild bird information. 

Not only that, but she also keeps injured animals and birds in his house and takes care of them until they fully recovered. We hope our honorable owner lives a long life and keeps helping animals. 

Percy Cook

Percy Cook

[Writer & Editor]

Mr. Precy Cook is a very talented writer on our team. He creates magical words stuffed with the necessary information that is easy to understand. Not only he is a good writer, a good pet bird’s parent, a good student, and a humble person. 


The journey of Percy cook started with us as a reader of Macaw Land. After reading a blog written by site owner Regina Rios, Percy gets impressed as it matched his love and experience of raising birds. And then he tried to reach Macawland and becomes our member. 


Our Community

To encourage others to spend time with sweet birds and let depression away, we have social sites to follow. We manage social sites with the goal to build a community of birds lover, sharing problems with others to find solutions and have good times. You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See you there!


How Can You Help Us

At Macaw Land, we are always looking for ways to improve user experience and provide the best content. In that case, your valuable response can help us a lot in improving the services. See how can you help us: 

1. Feedback:

One of the ways you can help us is by providing feedback on your experience using our website and services. After reading our blog you can reach us from the contact us page or simply comment your opinion in the comment box. Here, you can tell us the problem you face, give us suggestions or, tell us what types of topic we should cover next. 

Your feedback helps us to understand what we are doing well and where we can make improvements. It also gives us the opportunity to address any issues or concerns you may have.

2. Share our content:

Another way you can help us is by sharing our website and services with your friends and family. These can increase our content reach to mass audiences which is a part of our goal. Not only sharing content can help us, but it can also help people you are planning to share or shared. So, if you find our content helpful, make sure to share it. 

3. Follow us on Social Sites

And finally, you can help us to build communities on social sites with your followers. So, make sure to follow us on social sites if you find us helpful and appreciate our dedication to good work. 

That is enough! We would truly appreciate it if you give feedback, follow us on social sites and share our informative pieces. However, if you have experience in raising sweet birds then you can connect with us to be a part of our team. 


How Can You Connect With Us?

It is very simple! Just go to our Contact Us page and submit your queries, comments, or message along with your name and mail address. After that, you will get our response very soon. In addition, you can follow our social media sites to connect with us.