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10 Best Large Macaw Cages Review & Buying Guide for 2023

The macaw is the largest of all the parrot species. There are seventeen different kinds of macaw and they range in size from a mall one foot in length to a huge three feet long.

The largest macaws have a wingspan as large as sixty inches across! They have large, hooked beaks and bright, colorful feathers.

These beaks are designed to crack open nuts, seeds, and fruits, which make up the majority of their diets.

Macaws as Pets

Macaws as Pets

Macaws make excellent pets. Their tendency to mate for life translates into a strong attachment to their main human companion.

They can even show signs of great jealousy when their human ignores them and pays attention to other humans or pets.

If you are seeking a pet that is going to be a companion for many years, consider a macaw. The average lifespan of these birds is an impressive fifty years.

Every macaw has facial features that are as individual as human fingerprints. Their personalities are just as varied.

These birds can learn to mimic human speech. What’s more, their intelligence allows them to answer simple questions. Being social creatures, they will follow their human around all day simply to be with them.

Our Recommended Macaw Cages

ImageNameSizeWeightBar SpaceDetails
Prevue Hendryx46″L x36″W x 78 3/4″H70 Lbs.1-3/8″
Prevue Pet Products46″L x36″W x 78 3/4″H140 Lbs.1-3/8″
Yaheetech23.9″L x 22″W x 34.6″H (cage); overall height is 68″.52.8 Lbs.3/4″
KING'S CAGES 64″ L x 32″ W x 70″H286 Lbs.1″
Giantex24″ L x 22″ W x 37″H; overall height is 66″.46″L x36″W x 78 3/4″H50 Lbs.3/4″
Homey Pet Station24″ L x 22″ W x 61″ H50 Lbs.3/4″
Nova Microdermabrasion31 x 29.5 x 68 inches47 Pounds0.6”
VIVOHOME31.3 x 20.5 x 52.5 inches33 Pounds0.6”
A&E Cage Co.34 x 33 x 4 inches35 Pounds1/4”
Mcager30" x 64”H5/8”

Macaws are birds that need time outside their cages every day. Macaws do need approximately ten hours of sleep each night.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a size that allows your bird to spread his wings fully and still have some room.

For a cage of macaw stainless steel is the best material. These are strong enough to withstand the beaks that chew on the bars and they often last a lifetime.

In addition, choose ones that have locking doors as these intelligent birds are great escape artists.

Finally, choose a bar distance that is too small for your macaw to get his head through to prevent him from getting it stuck.

Finding a cage for your macaw can be a complicated and overwhelming task.

Your favorite bird deserves a cage that is well equipped to serve as its home and a place in which it can be entertained for years to come.

These six best macaw cages aim to help you narrow your decision and choose a cage that is absolutely perfect for your feathered friend.

How To Choose the Perfect Macaw Cage

Cages for Macaws are made of sturdy metal frames that protect the bird but allow enough airflow for the bird to feel as if it is part of the outside environment.

We recommend choosing a cage that ideally suits your environment as well, allowing the macaw to feel at home while its cage also matches your home decor.

There is no reason to choose a cage that is completely contradictory to your environment.

Choosing a cage that is sturdy, safe, and comfortable for your macaw should be the primary goal.

Always make sure to keep the macaw’s health and safety as your number one priority when selecting a cage.

Analyzing the data and comparisons for each cage will help you to make your selection.

Some cages are more spacious while others are portable and suited for those who live in smaller areas in which cages need to be moved regularly.

Choosing a cage based upon what is finest for your bird’s health while also finest for your living situation is the best route to take when making your decision.

Top 10 Large Best Macaw Cages Reviews

01. Prevue Hendryx Wrought Iron



  • Brand Name: Prevue Pet Products
  • Size: 46″L x36″W x 78 3/4″H
  • Bar Spacing: 1-3/8″
  • Weight: 70 Lbs.
  • Material: Wrought iron
  • Colors: Silver
  • Inside: Three metal feed bowls and one wooden perch

Cage Description

This is the largest cage produced by Prevue Pet Products and measures 78 3/4″ high. It is 46″ long, 36″ wide, and has 1-3/8″ wire spacing.

The bottom grill and debris tray slide out for ease of cleaning. Assembly includes flathead hex bolts which birds have trouble unscrewing.

Sturdy steel bowls and a hardwood perch are included with the cage. The design provides dependable sturdiness with a classically-styled shape.

The door is a double-locking door for added security. The color is powder-coated silver. It weighs about 140 lbs.


  • Secure locking mechanisms
  • Stylish design with rounded corners and a rounded door
  • Plenty of room for birds to exercise
  • Good for Macaws, African Greys, Cockatoos, and other large birds


  • No play top or door on the roof
  • Some large and determined birds have been able to do damage

This is the largest cage offered by Prevue Pet products. It is a beautiful and roomy cage that will provide a healthy living space for large breeds of birds.

Pairs of birds could be kept in here but there are no accommodations for breeding.

Clean-up is convenient and many accessories are available separately from suppliers.

02. Prevue Pet Products



  • Brand Name: Prevue Pet Products
  • Size: 46″L x36″W x 78 3/4″H
  • Bar Spacing: 1-3/8″
  • Weight: 140 Lbs.
  • Material: Wrought iron
  • Colors: Black
  • Inside: Three metal feed bowls and one hardwood perch

Cage Description

The is cage is 78 3/4″ high, 46″ Long, and 36″ Wide. Wire spacing is 1 3/8″. It is one of Prevue’s largest cages and is roomy.

It is as large as the Dometop reviewed above, but with a modern, updated style. The cage comes with three stainless steel feed cups and one hardwood perch.

Flathead hex bolts secure the cage so that birds can’t unscrew them and escape.

The bottom grill and tray remove for cleaning and the seed guards have rounded corners to help keep debris inside the cage instead of across your floor.

If you choose not to use the bottom grill, this provides ten more inches of space for your bird. The finish is a black hammertone finish.


  • Roomy
  • Updated style
  • Large enough for more than one bird


  • The feed cups are small for many large breeds
  • Can be difficult to assemble alone

With a modern take on the traditional curved styling, the Empire Extra Large Bird Cage is a great choice for large birds and pairs of birds.

The wire spacing will allow smaller breeds like conures an easy escape. The updated look will fit attractively in any modern home decor.

03. Yaheetech Wrought Iron



  • Brand Name: Yaheetech
  • Size: 23.9″L x 22″W x 34.6″H (cage); overall height is 68″.
  • Bar Spacing: 3/4″
  • Weight: 52.8 Lbs.
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: Black
  • Inside: Five stainless steel feed bowls and two wooden perches

Cage Description

The cage measures 23.9L x 22W x 34.6’’H. Cage and stand are 67.7″ together. The skirt is 31″ x 29.5″.

This cage is intended for medium-sized birds. With a wire space of about 3/4 inch, smaller birds could squeeze through and large birds could mangle the bars.

That said, small macaws, cockatiels, and love birds would enjoy the size of this cage, including its added play top on the roof.

It is finished in a black powder coating for the non-toxic protection of the metal.

The cage comes with two wooden perches and five stainless steel bowls, and the play top has its own slide-out tray.


  • For birds about the size of small macaws, cockatiels, love birds, and conures.
  • Available in two sizes: 62″ and 68″ (total height)
  • Secure, practical design
  • Lots of room for exercise, including a play top area


  • Really only designed for cockatiel-sized birds
  • Long-term bird owners report a lower quality in later models

This cage would be perfect for small macaws and cockatiels. The design has minimal style but is sturdy and practical.

The play area adds extra space for birds to exercise and relax. Easy to move, clean, and enjoy, this cage will provide secure housing for several kinds of birds (or other pets).




  • Brand Name: King’s Cages
  • Size: 64″ L x 32″ W x 70″H
  • Bar Spacing: 1″
  • Weight:  286 Lbs.
  • Material: Metal
  • Colors: White, silver, and black
  • Inside: Cage divider, four metal feed bowls, and two wooden perches

Cage Description

This cage is available in white, pale silver, and black/silver powder coating. Its measurements are 64” x 32″ x 70″ and provides an attractive design to fit in with any decor.

It is 286 lbs. so special delivery is required and bird owners may need assistance assembling the product.

Security measures include round locks for feeder doors and double trays for easy cleaning below. One unique feature is that it can be divided into two cages with two separate doors.

Even though it is heavy, it rolls on six casters.


  • As sturdy as large macaw cages can get
  • Rolls on six casters
  • Breeder box door
  • Divider makes two cages when necessary but is optional


  • Heavy and takes time to assemble

This is a cage for large bird breeds and can be used for breeding. The sturdy design thwarts escape artists.

With rounded corners, it provides a traditional yet modern style that will complement any home design.

As a bonus, this dividing cage is available in three colors. Be patient during assembly and assemble it in the room it is intended for.

It is 286 lbs. so special delivery is required and bird owners may need assistance assembling the product.

05. Giantex Large Bird Cage



  • Brand Name: Giantex
  • Size: 24″ L x 22″ W x 37″H; overall height is 66″.
  • Bar Spacing: 3/4″
  • Weight:  50 Lbs.
  • Material: Iron
  • Colors: Black/silver powder-coated finish
  • Inside: Five feeder cups and two perches

Cage Description

With locking casters this cage provides ease of movement and dependable lockdown at the same time.

Door locks are snap locks to prevent birds from escaping. The measurements are 24″ wide x 22″ deep x 37″ high.

The overall height of the cage and stand is 66″ and the space between wires is 3/4″.

Included with the cage are five steel feeder cups and two perches (including ones for the play top).

This would suit small macaws, love birds, conures, and cockatiels. It comes in a black/silver powder-coated finish.


  • Locking casters to keep the cage from rolling
  • Good for small macaws, cockatiels, and similar birds
  • Practical design for birds and owners
  • Play top area adds an extra space for birds to exercise, interact, and snack


  • For small-sized macaw birds only
  • Instructions are often missing or difficult to understand

This is the largest cage offered by Prevue Pet products. It is a beautiful and roomy cage that will provide a healthy living space for large breeds of birds.

Pairs of birds could be kept in here but there are no accommodations for breeding. Clean-up is convenient and many accessories are available separately from suppliers.

06. Homey Pet Station Large Parrot Cage



  • Brand Name: Homey Pet Station
  • Size: 24″ L x 22″ W x 61″ H
  • Bar Spacing: 3/4″
  • Weight:  50 Lbs.
  • Material: Iron
  • Colors: Silver
  • Inside: Three feed bowls and two perches

Cage Description

The cage measures 24″x 22″x 61″ tall. The overall height including the play top is an impressive 63.8″.

The wire spacing is 3/4″, which would accommodate a few different sizes of birds, from small macaws to some African Greys.

Larger birds may find it easy to bend the bars. Three feed bowls and two perches are included.

This is an attractive cage that will not overwhelm a room with its size while providing practical and stylish housing for your bird.


  • The roof opens up into play top area
  • Stylish and secure
  • Good for medium-sized birds


  • Once assembled, may not fit through some doorways

Compared to the other cages, this one had some variety in style, function, and compatibility with bird breeds.

It can be used for one bird or pair. It is not intended for parakeets or finches- they would endanger themselves or escape.

Small macaws, Cockatiels, and African Greys will find this cage comfortable.

The play top area closes and disappears so that the curved rooftop design maintains its appearance.

This is an attractive cage that will not overwhelm a room with its size while providing practical and stylish housing for your bird.

07. Nova Microdermabrasion B072QVRL7P



  • Construction materials: Metal frame and wires
  • Epoxy coated finish
  • Interior Height: 68-inch
  • Stainless steel cups (5), feeder doors (3), and locks
  • Bar Spacing: 0.6-inch
  • Size: 31.3 x 29 x 68 inches
  • 47 pounds in weight

Cage Description

The Nova Microdermabrasion cage is exclusively equipped to deliver the performance and outcomes anyone could look forward to in giving their birds the care and attention they deserve.

The build materials are solid and durable. It is built to house the Macaw parrot for an extended period, ranging across tens of years.

Any elements that usually impact quality, for instance, rust/corrosion, are entirely eliminated.

Not only that, the construction materials are well vetted to ensure they are safe (non-toxic).

This creates an environment that is healthy and harmless for the bird.

With an impressive space of 68-inch, the demarcations (various areas inside the cage) make it more appealing.

For instance, the play top is designed to never make the bird feel in captivity, providing an out-of-cage experience.

Also, its removable trays allow easy removal of food particles/leftovers to ensure cleaning/maintenance is greatly enhanced.

Overall, the design/engineering is thoughtfully executed. All the accessories integral to the bird’s health, safety, and development are provided or made available in the construction.


  • Durable construction for guaranteed long/extended use
  • Designed to keep the bird safe, active, and healthy
  • Attractive design, adding an attractive/stylish touch to your interior
  • Easy to clean/maintain. Also, it supports effortless relocation/repositioning


  • Use/suitability is restricted to mid-sized macaw birds




  • Construction materials: Wood, alloy steel, and plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Plastic food boxes (4), long wooden sticks (3), and a colored bell stand (1)
  • Interior Height: 53-inch
  • 6-inch bar spacing
  • Size: 31.1 x 20.5 x 37.7 inches
  • 33 pounds in weight

Cage Description

All pet owners/lovers want the best environment and conditions for their animals. This has been proven over time.

When a bird is picked up at a tender/small age. In most cases, the cage to house them is sometimes purchased in relation to the present situation.

As the bird grows, they possibly outgrow the cage, resulting in the need to pick up a suitable option that allows freedom and expression.

For individuals who stay at home, the need for a spacious cage may not be a major consideration.

Especially if the bird would be allowed to move across the house and only returned to the not-so-extensive cage at night.

However, if you are the busy type who goes to work in the morning and only return at night, investing in a cage that provides enough room to exercise and play is essential.

VIVOHOME provides more room than the average cage, ensuring the bird stays active and agile. Also, it comes with various accessories needed to train and take care of your pet.

The procedures/steps are best carried out with an assistant (a friend or family member) to aid a smooth/effortless experience when it comes to installation.


  • Equipped with numerous accessories
  • Use/operation isn’t limited or restricted by water or rust attack
  • Clean can be effortlessly executed/conducted


  • Setup isn’t a man’s task/activity

09. A&E Cage Co. B005N2JDE4



  • Iron construction
  • Interior Height: 45-inch
  • Ladders (3) & perches (2), lock in cups (2) on playpen top,
  • Removable tray & grate
  • Size: 33x33x72 inches
  • 35 pounds in weight

Cage Description

A&E Cage Co. is a top consideration for active Macaw birds. If your pet finds fun in moving around the house or exercising, here is an excellent pick to fit its lifestyle.

The interior is pretty spacious. It accommodates lots and lots of toys or any other related accessories and still leaves a lot of room.

Small, mid, and large size birds will like it. If not for anything, but for the feeling it gives (optimum freedom and unrestricted movement, eliminating the feeling of being in captivity).

Like the previous designs we have reviewed, this cage also comes with relevant accessories needed to care for Macaws and aid training and exercise.

A few designs can only stand head to head with its functionality for the price.

Individuals who desire the best environment for their birds, especially when it comes to improved health, safety, and protection.

A&E Cage Co. is an excellent product that guarantees outstanding and uncompromised assurance.

The installation isn’t an independent task. Ensure you have someone around to assist.

For individuals who haven’t purchased/installed a cage before, the process could be a bit daunting.

The attached instructions manual lacks clarity and depth. However, the images will solve some of the possible confusions and prevent complications.


  • It can accommodate a large Macaw bird comfortably
  • Tray and grate can be removed effortlessly to support easy cleaning
  • Top satisfaction for the money
  • Solid construction for durable and long-lasting performance


  • Instructions could be optimized

10. Mcage B01MG1U7YO



  • Iron construction & powder-coated exterior
  • Bar spacing: 5/8-inch
  • Feeders: Three (3)
  • Single level and door
  • Seed & water cups
  • Natural wood perches (2)

Cage Description

Mcage B01MG1U7YO is an excellent purchase anyone could make for their Macaw.

This cage is designed and made available in various colors, giving buyers the privilege to choose the one that fits/complements their interior or space.

The construction quality is impressive. The bars are well made (sturdy and durable), providing adequate strength to support the weight of your small to medium Macaw.

Its instructions manual may be a disappointment due to the lack of clarity.

Nevertheless, everyone should easily couple the parts/components together without relying on the manual.

The screw size and pattern are the same. Hence, it lowers the stress that could come with looking for the holes or areas where a particular screw should slot in.

However, if it seems like a big deal, videos on YouTube can help set the components up as a unit.

The packaging quality is pretty remarkable. None of the components or accessories would come/arrive bent or damaged. This attribute can as well be accredited to its sturdy construction.

In case there is a need to change the location or position of the cage sometimes in the future for whatever reason, the wheels (4) make the process easy or stress-free.


  • It can be transported/moved from one location to another
  • Accommodates small to medium Macaw comfortably
  • Available in various colors


  • A bit pricey
  • The instructions manual is unreliable

Buying Considerations of Macaw Cage

01. Price

Pet lovers can go the extra mile in ensuring adequate safety and protection for their pets, irrespective of how much it could cost.

While we understand the urge/need, it doesn’t at any point means anyone should go above what they can afford or result in financial struggles.

Besides getting the Macaw bird the best cage or housing that suits their lifestyle, other needs must be met. For instance, feeding and vet appointments.

The whole essence of this point is to advise/recommend that everyone plan their finances accordingly when choosing a cage to buy.

02. Build Quality

Choose a cage built or constructed from the best materials around. The choice of design must leave room for future growth/development.

You don’t want to pick up a cage today and start noticing bends across the bars the next because of its inability to withstand or accommodate the bird’s weight.

The best quality must be sturdy and durable. It must handle constant water/moisture, preventing rust/corrosion in the process.

Also, all the construction materials must be certified or confirmed non-toxic or unsafe for the bird.

03. Space

A top reason a new cage could come to mind is to ensure the bird has enough space.

This guarantees freedom, comfortably accommodating the bird alongside toys, additional feeders, and other related accessories.

The cages should not feel less of a home. Ensure it is as comfy as possible

When choosing a cage to buy, ensure it is big enough for the size of your bird. Read the product description carefully.

Find out the size and if it supports/presents the ideal environment for your bird’s growth and development.

04. Installation

The installation could need an extra hand to make it as effortless/stress-free as possible.

If it looks like something that can’t be put together single-handedly, do not shy away from asking for help.

The accessories must be well-labeled to aid smooth and easy integration.

If the accessories or components are scattered around without a clear direction about integrating them, especially when the screws and bolts are in various sizes.

It could make an easy task exhausting and complicating, especially for individuals doing this for the first time.

A design with well-written instructions manual & images to clearly show the steps would eliminate confusion and guarantee a timely task.

05. Cleaning/Maintenance

The bird’s cage must be kept clean at all times. This can be easily achievable only when the cage’s construction allows it.

Nobody wants to spend more than usual time attending to a task/activity that could be achieved/done in a lesser timeframe.

The daily schedule is tight already; you should look for ways to make the cleaning activity as easy as possible.

Choose a cage that allows the adjustment and removal of trays.

It aids in easier/faster cleaning/removal of food particles or leftovers that could attract any form of infestation that could be detrimental to the parrot’s health.

How to Macaw Cage Setup By Yourself

How to Macaw Cage Setup By Yourself

#Choosing the ideal locations

First, choose the best part of the room or location where you decide to place/install the cage.

The cage must be placed/installed in an area of the home where the temperatures are regulated or not extreme.

For instance, the cage shouldn’t be close to the kitchen. Also, ensure it isn’t in contact with direct sunlight as much as possible.

Pet owners in cold regions should not position the cage close to windows/doors.

Irrespective of how expensive or comfortable the cage could be, your bird can only be healthy, active, and alive when the temperature is right.

#Go through the instructions or watch YouTube videos

If the cage comes with a detailed or well-written installation guide, read through the steps and understand every part of it before you start coupling the components.

If the manual doesn’t explain the process explicitly, watching some videos on YouTube would help.

#Positioning the cage

Whatever location you eventually settle with, ensure the view is fascinating, especially if the bird will stay inside the cage most of the time.

Also, ensure the cage is placed beyond the reach of kids and other pets in the house to avoid causing unnecessary stress/injury to the bird.

#Adding lining beneath the cage

The lining prevents dropping (food particles and poop) from falling directly to the floor, making the cleaning process easier. The lining could be pieces of old newspaper or old towel/rag.

Ensure the lining is changed/replaced every day.

#Adding toys, perches, and other accessories

Usually, cages come with food/water bowls. Nevertheless, you may decide to add more bowls. Stainless steel-constructed bowls are an excellent option.

Also, the perches can be replaced with natural designs to keep the bird’s feet healthy.

Toys should be added, including a bathing bowl. Stay away from toys that could harm or affect/compromise the bird’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What types of toys can be added/included in a bird’s cage?

A. There are a series of toys to integrate into the cage while creating an ideal environment for your bird.

These toys could be purchased and added occasionally, not necessarily at once.

Some of the options that may be considered include bells, rope-made toys, plastic balls, mirrors, hoops made of plastic, and many more.

Q. How many toys should be placed in the cage in total?

A. The number of toys depends on the bird & cage size. While the purpose of including toys in the cage is to keep the bird alive and entertained, too much of it could appear boring.

At least five (5) toys at most are okay. This way, the cage won’t be clustered, ensuring the bird can move around freely.

Ensure the positioning of the toys supports easy reach.

Q. Why should I replace the perch that comes along with the cage?

A. The perches that come with the cage are mostly made of plastic. They are unsuitable/unhealthy for the feet.

This is mainly due to the uniformity in the build/shape.

Instead of relying on plastic perches, you can get them replaced with natural perches.

Q. How many perches should I add?

A. Adding about two (2) natural perches is okay. Nevertheless, ensure you do not position them between the food or water bowl to prevent the bird from pooping into these accessories.

Q: Do these cages come in other colors?

A: Most only come in black. The King’s Cages Superior Line ( #4 above) comes in white and silver as well.

Q: How easy is it to clean these cages?

A: The grill on some of these cages can be optional if you don’t want to clean that. The trays slide out pretty easily and clean up quickly.

Q: How easy are they to assemble?

A: Smaller cages will probably take less time. It helps to set aside a couple of hours and have some assistance.

Q: Are these cages heavy?

A: Weights range from about 50 lbs. – 200+ lbs.

Q: What accessories will fit these cages?

A: Manufacturers and retail suppliers provide a variety of toys, perches, and feed cups. Contact them for specifics.

Q: Do they make cage covers this big?

A: Manufacturers provide cage covers as a separate purchase.

Final Words

In reviewing these products, there was always that one bird who could not only bend a bar but even break some or twist them into interesting shapes.

These are sturdy cages but there can be no absolute guarantee that a particularly adventurous bird won’t find some way to escape.

Regular exercise and plenty of toys will help distract this kind of individual. Also, many cages ship in multiple boxes, so be aware of that.

Assembly is straightforward, but some bird owners may need assistance during assembly. Putting the casters on first will make assembly easier, as well.