Vet Reviewed Best 6 Double Macaw Cages {2018 Collections}

The macaw is the largest of all the parrot species. There are seventeen different kinds of macaw and they range in size from a mall one foot in length to a huge three feet long. The largest macaws have a wingspan as large as sixty inches across!They have large, hooked beaks and bright, colorful feathers. These beaks are designed to crack open nuts, seeds, and fruits, which make up the majority of their diets.

Macaws as Pets

Macaws make excellent pets. Their tendency to mate for life translates into a strong attachment to their main human companion. They can even show signs of great jealousy when their human ignores them and pays attention to other humans or pets. If you are seeking a pet that is going to be a companion for many years, consider a macaw. The average lifespan of these birds is an impressive fifty years.

Every macaw has facial features that are as individual as human fingerprints. Their personalities are just as varied. These birds can learn to mimic human speech. What's more, their intelligence allows them to answer simple questions. Being social creatures, they will follow their human around all day simply to be with them.

Choosing a Cage

Macaws are birds that need time outside their cages every day. Macaws do need approximately ten hours of sleep each night. A good rule of thumb is to choose a size that allows your bird to spread his wings fully and still have some room.

For a cage of macaw stainless steel is the best material. These are strong enough to withstand the beaks that chew on the bars and they often last a lifetime. In addition, choose ones that have locking doors as these intelligent birds are great escape artists. Finally, choose a bar distance that is too small for your macaw to get his head through to prevent him getting it stuck.

Finding a cage for your macaw can be a complicated and overwhelming task. Your favorite bird deserves a cage that is well equipped to serve as its home and a place in which it can be entertained for years to come. These six best macaw cages aim to help you narrow your decision and choose a cage that is absolutely perfect for your feathered friend.

Introduction to Macaw Bird Cages

Cages for Macaws are made of sturdy metal frames that protect the bird but allow enough airflow for the bird to feel as if it is part of the outside environment. We recommend choosing a cage that ideally suits your environment as well, allowing the macaw to feel at home while its cage also matches your home decor.

There is no reason to choose a cage that is completely contradictory to your environment. Choosing a cage that is sturdy, safe, and comfortable for your macaw should be the primary goals. Always make sure to keep the macaw's health and safety as your number one priority when selecting a cage.

How to Choose the Best Macaw Cages

Analyzing the data and comparisons for each cage will help you to make your selection. Some cages are more spacious while others are portable and suited for those who live in smaller areas in which cages need to be moved regularly. Choosing a cage based upon what is finest for your bird's health while also finest for your living situation is the best route to take when making your decision.

 6 Large and Double Macaw Cages List

  • Cage Description

The Prevue Empire Extra Large Bird Cage is a fantastic and uncomplicated black bird cage that is streamlined to perfection, leaving it at the top of our list. With an easy hex flathead screw assembly, this is one of the easiest cages to assemble and reconfigure. The cage includes plenty of clearance for the bird to enter through its door and includes a catch tray for all of your bird's important droppings.

Feature Highlights

  • Flathead Hex Assembly
  • Pull-out bottom tray for easy cleanup and accessibility
  • Sturdy design and clearance for your favorite macaw

In Conclusion

There is an exceptionally large amount of space available in the Prevue Cage for your bird's favorite toys allowing your bird to be entertained and be well protected for the duration of its lifespan. If you are looking for a secured and practical cage for your macaw, you need to look no further than this wonderful macaw bird cage manufactured to perfection by Prevue and making it one of the best cages for macaw around.

  • Cage Description

One of the largest and best macaw cages on the top six list, this extra large bird cage sports 4 wide feeding doors, a sensational seed catcher, and stainless steel bowls. This is one of the more premium cages on our list but its build quality and the list of features make it an absolutely incredible choice for macaw owners who want their bird to have more space and live in an extra secure cage.

The cage itself is powder coated in order to make sure the steel does not rust out. This protects the cage but more importantly, protects your pet bird from any rust related injury that would otherwise occur.

Feature Highlights

  • Powder coated steel
  • Four feeding door
  • Two entrances allowing for safety and comfort for your macaw
  • Large size being 64" x 32" x 70"

In Conclusion


This is an unbelievable premium option for those looking for added security to protect their feathered friends. Macaws will love the size provided by this case and owners will enjoy the accessibility and protection that they are able to provide for their birds.


double macaw cage
  • Cage Description

This large silver bird cage by Prevue is yet another fantastically manufactured bird cage with a large tall shape and amazingly accessible features. The bottom tray allows for easy cleaning in that users can simply pull the tray out, wipe down, and clean. As typical with other Prevue cages this cage is also able to be altered via flathead hex bolts, making for an easy assembly and disassembly. Having one of the best cages for macaw has never been either with this Prevue cage model.

Feature Highlights

  • Easily adjusted utilizing flathead hex bolts
  • Pull-out bottom tray makes for easy cleaning and accessibility
  • Large sturdy build protects your favorite bird

In Conclusion

Prevue continues to produce some of the best bird cages on the market. The Prevue Hendryx is no exception. It's an excellent craftsmanship makes it one of our top options in housing a feathered friend. You really can't go wrong with the Prevue Hendryx Signature Series cages.


large macaw cages
  • Cage Description

King's Cages definitely makes some of the finest cages around. If you are looking for something a bit more visually appealing than the other options on this list, look no further. With a white coating, this is the perfect cage for those looking for more appeal in appearance. This is a fantastic large macaw cages providing an easily accessed front door that makes transporting your bird in and out of the cage a breeze. The cage even includes a dome top door for further added accessibility.

Feature Highlights

  • Perfect for large macaw featuring an easily accessed door and top dome door
  • Bottom sliding tray makes cleaning the cage a breeze
  • Includes three stainless steel bowls to make eating easy for your bird

In Conclusion

Add some luxury and style to your room with King Cages for your macaw. It's been designed from the ground up to provide accessibility and style for you and your favorite pet bird making it a sensational choice to purchase.


  • Cage Description

One of our hidden gems on our list this giant white cage is a great option for owners who want something elegant yet practical. With 1" bar spacing, this is a fantastic cage for larger birds. It's got just enough space to accommodate any macaw that is placed within it while also being easily accessible through its bottom tray. The cage includes three strong stainless steel bowls that are rust resistant and excellent for feeding your bird. This is a cage that will absolutely satisfy the needs of any bird placed within it.

Feature Highlights

  • 1" spaced bars
  • 3 stainless steel bowls
  • Slide out bottom tray

In Conclusion

This is another excellent cage that boasts a strong build quality. Its 1" wire gauges provide some of the best protection to make sure that your macaw is safe and secure while resting in its home. It's important to find a cage that provides protection, and that is exactly what the Extra-Large Wrought-Iron Bird Cage Parrot Cages Macaw Dometop does in spades.


  • Cage Description

With its toys on top, this is an absolutely pleasant and affordable choice for Macaw owners looking for a cage that will highly entertain their macaw. You truly can't go wrong with this cage as it is sincerely large standing at 23" x 55" but also contains a great deal of entertainment and accessibility for your bird.

When your bird is outside of the cage, there is an included toy mounted at the top of the cage that offers free entertainment for your bird. The rooftop play area allows birds to play with a fun jungle gym roller coaster design. The cage is also made highly portable being built upon rolling casters.

Feature Highlights

  • Built upon casters making the cage comfortable to move and wheel around
  • Fun play area is easily accessible on top of cage
  • Bottom tray is worry-free to clean and replace

In Conclusion

This is an incredible, entertaining and dare we say it great cage for your pet that are sure to entertain your macaw for many years. We love the accessibility and ability to move this cage around a room making it our last top pick on our list. Don't hesitate to treat your macaw to luxury with one of the finest cages around.

The Final Verdict

You really can't go wrong picking any of the cages provided on our top 6 macaw bird cages list. Buying any of these cages will lead towards a joyful bird and allow you to be a very very pleased owner. We've assembled this list of best macaw cages in order to allow your choice to become much more simplified thus putting your bird's comfort and safety first. Don't hesitate, order a cage of your dreams for your macaw today!

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