Purple Hyacinth Macaw | Details Guide for 2022

Purple Hyacinth Macaw

The purple hyacinth macaw (Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus) is an astonishing-looking parrot. It is popular for its beautiful feathers and cobalt blue-like colors. When measured, it can reach a height of over one meter. It is also considered the largest type of flying parrot in existence. The purple hyacinth macaw is classified as an endangered species. It …

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White Macaw: Beautiful Rare Bird in Macaw Lineup For 2022  

White Macaw

You must have heard about Macaws. They are beautifully colored, long tail birds of the Parrot family. They are also found in tropical regions around the world. The main difference between a Macaw and a Parrot is their physical appearance. While Parrots have tails that are proportional to their body, Macaws have long tails. Their …

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Facts Before Adopting How Long Do Blue and Gold Macaws Live in Captivity & Wild

How Long Do Blue and Gold Macaws Live

Before you pick up an animal as a pet, it is important to understand its lifestyle. This includes the foods they love to eat or find appealing/pleasurable, their house/cage dimension, and their lifespan. This article answers the question, “how long do blue and gold macaws live” ensuring individuals interested in bringing them home someday know …

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