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Can Macaw Eat Apples? Are Apples Good or Bad for My lovely Makaw

Yes, Apples are quite safe for macaws to consume; however, you should keep in mind that fruit shouldn’t be the majority of their diet. Due to the potential for negative effects, apples should not be consumed regularly but rather only as treats occasionally.

In this article, you will learn in detail about the side effects and also benefits of feeding apples to macaws.

Key Takeaways:

  • Apples are one of many fruits macaws can safely consume, and they are beneficial for them due to having several important nutritions
  • While they are safe to consume, too much can lead to health deterioration of the macaw due to high sugar levels
  • Some parts of the apple are NOT safe for macaws to consume as they contain harmful chemicals.

Are Apples Good for Macaws?

Are Apples Good for Macaws

Yes, apples are definitely good for macaws to consume. Apples are not only delicious fruits that macaws love but there are also possible health benefits associated with eating apples. Apples are wonderful treats for macaws because not only are they low in calories, but they also contain a wealth of antioxidants and fiber. They contain several vitamins and minerals which are beneficial to a macaw’s health.

Apples are a good source of vitamin A, which is essential for the proper functioning of various critical body systems in the macaws, including the maintenance of healthy eyes as well as the normal development and healing of body tissues. In addition to this, it may have an impact on the overall health and beauty of your macaw’s feathers.

Apples are chock-full of vitamin C, which, despite the fact that macaws don’t require vitamin C in their food because their livers make it from glucose, is a fantastic immune booster, especially if your bird is sick or has any kind of liver problem. In addition to being an effective antioxidant, vitamin C may help facilitate the digestion and absorption of essential minerals.

Apples are particularly rich in potassium, which is a necessary mineral for maintaining a healthy neurological system, as well as glucose and protein metabolism. Potassium is also the primary mineral found in apples. Apples can be helpful in maintaining proper potassium levels in macaws, which is important because excessive stress can quickly produce a potassium shortage in these birds.

Apples are an excellent source of beneficial fiber, which not only provides food for the beneficial bacteria that live in your macaw’s digestive tract but also assists in maintaining healthy levels of both blood sugar and cholesterol in their bodies. In addition to being beneficial for digestion, fiber also aids in the regulation of bowel movements in your macaw, reducing the risk of both constipation and diarrhea.

Because they also contain approximately 86% water, they can serve as an excellent supplemental supply of hydration for macaws.

Are Apples Bad for Macaws?

No, apples are not harmful to macaws to consume. Apples are, in point of fact, the healthiest fruit that you can give your macaw to eat. However, you need to bear in mind that your macaws can only consume apples in very small amounts, so don’t overfeed them.

It’s not just apples; most sweet fruits, in addition to having a high proportion of water to sugar, also have a high percentage of sugar in their makeup. This can lead to your macaw becoming overweight in addition to a deficiency in other essential vitamins.

Even if you wash the apples well, there is still a chance that your macaw could be harmed by the pesticides that are used in apple production. Apple skins themselves are not fundamentally harmful to your macaw. To be on the safe side, apples should be peeled before being served.

The seeds are yet another key area of concern. Apple seeds have been shown to contain minute levels of cyanide, which may not be harmful in low concentrations but could be fatal for birds such as macaws. It is possible that your macaw won’t have any adverse effects if it consumes a few seeds, but it is far preferable to err on the side of caution and refrain from allowing them to consume any seeds at all.

The best method to provide a macaw with food is to discover ways to copy the diet that it would eat in the wild. You should feed your macaw a variety of foods if you are unsure of the specific species it is and do not know how to identify it.

Can Macaw Eat Apple Flesh

Yes, Macaws can safely consume apple flesh without any worry. However, as mentioned, they should only be fed apples in moderation as too much can cause a disbalance in their diet.

Can Macaws Eat Apple Skin

No, they are not suitable for macaws. When feeding apples to macaws, make sure that you do not mistakenly offer them the skin.

Nowadays, there is a very good chance that apple farmers may use pesticides in their operations. After being washed, apple skin is no longer harmful for human consumption; however, this is not the case for birds such as macaws. Your macaws’ lives could be in danger if the apple skins you feed them contain even a trace amount of pesticides. It is very recommended that you should not give macaws apple skins to eat.

Can Macaws Eat Apple Seeds

Can Macaws Eat Apple Seeds

No, it is not safe to consume at all.  A moderate amount of the vast majority of fruits can be safely consumed by macaws; nevertheless, the seeds of certain fruits can be harmful to their health. One kind of fruit is the apple.

Apples, on their own, are not dangerous to consume, but the seeds and pits of apples contain minute amounts of a cyanide chemical that is harmful to the heart and can be fatal to your macaw if it consumes them.

Before giving the apple to your macaw, ensure that it has been thoroughly cleaned and that the core has been removed. This will help ensure that your macaw does not consume any harmful poisons.

Can Macaws Eat Apple Cores

No, similar to seeds, the core of an apple contains trace amounts of hydrogen cyanide, which is a potent and lethal toxin. It is recommended that you do not give them apple cores to eat as a precautionary measure.

Before you give the apple to your macaw, you need to ensure that it has been thoroughly peeled, that the seeds have been removed, and that it has been chopped into little slices. It’s best if the slices are as thin as possible

Can Macaws Eat Green Apples

Yes, Green Apples are quite safe for macaws to consume, and they might even get some essential health benefits from doing so. Naturally, moderation is essential. Therefore, it is best to refrain from providing them with more than 15% of their diet in the form of fruit.

Can Macaws Eat Red Apples?

Yes, Red Apples are safe for macaws to eat. Apples are a healthy and delicious addition to their diet, and they also make a wonderful treat and snack option. Apples, on the other hand, should only be consumed as a treat by these little ones; eating too many apples at once can have negative effects on their health. Remember this; apples are a treat that your macaw let will enjoy.


Apples are perfectly safe for macaws to consume, and it’s possible that they’ll even derive some significant health benefits from doing so. Naturally, moderation is essential, so it is best to refrain from providing them with more than 15% of their diet in the form of fruit. Also, steer clear of giving your macaws the apple seeds and skin because both of these parts of the fruit have the potential to present health risks.

Apples are delicious snacks that are also good for your macaw’s overall health, and they can reap the benefits of eating apples while doing so.