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Top 4 Double Macaw Cages For Large Parrots & Birds – Premium Cages

Before anyone decides to settle for a double macaw cage, a few critical factors must be considered to achieve the best results.

Macaws are the attention of lovers. Hence, owners must understand/value the importance of socialization in their parrots’ lives. Especially its peculiarity when it comes to healthy living and development.

While in their natural habitat, macaws thrive by relying on the support offered or provided by their communities/flocks.

In case anyone is interested in replicating the social lifestyle these birds maintain in the wild, thereby keeping two macaws in the same cage to create a small community of highly social birds.

It is important to note that putting two macaws in the same space isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Although they get along in the wild while in their respective small communities. The approach may differ while in captivity.

Macaw owners must understand the necessary variables/factors involved in bringing two macaws together under the same roof using a double macaw cage with a center divider.

Also, we will look at each type of double macaw cage with a divider to promote the right/ideal cage selection.

How Much Space is Needed For a Macaw Bird?

How Much Space is Needed For a Macaw Bird

Although macaws are usually large birds, some species are bigger than others.

There are the small/mini macaws (Hahn’s and Yellow-collared) and the large macaws (Hyacinth and Scarlet).

For instance, the Hahn’s and Yellow-collared macaws can grow to an average length of 12-inch and 15-inch, respectively.

Hyacinth and Scarlet macaws can grow as big as 33-inch and 40-inch, respectively.

Considering the different sizes of macaws or how big they can grow, it is fair enough to say that there is no standard cage size for these birds.

Hence, the need to choose a cage that can conveniently accommodate the specie each individual owns or keeps.

It would be uneconomical to house a Hahn’s or Yellow-collared Macaw in a cage that is built for or adequate to house the Hyacinth or Scarlet macaws.

For small/mini macaws, the cage size should not be smaller/lesser than 24 x 36 x 48 inches. When it comes to bar spacing, 19-25.4 mm (3/4 to 1-inch) is the standard.

The cage size should not be smaller/lesser than 36 x 48 x 60 inches for large macaws. When it comes to bar spacing, 25.4-38mm (1 to 1.5-inch) is the standard.

What is a Double Macaw Cage?

A double macaw cage allows you to keep/house two (2) birds of similar size in the same enclosure/cage instead of investing in two separate/different designs.

It offers more than twice (x2) the space/cage size that a single macaw ordinarily requires to maintain healthy living and growth.

This way, the birds won’t confront any difficulty when it comes to stretching their body, wings, or muscles.

When choosing a cage, picking the ideal size is essential. Choose the largest design for the species of macaw that you desire to keep or house in it.

Also, the room where the cage will be positioned or stored must be big enough to accommodate it. Additional storage space can be derived from furniture re-arrangement.

List Of Top 4 Premium Double Macaw Cage

BrandDimensionsWeightBar SpacePrice
A&E Cage Co.64 x 32 x 73.25 inches280 Pounds¾-inch
WesternPacific79 x 40 x 77 inches400 Pounds24mm
Mcage32 X 32 X 70 inches300 pounds1-inch
A&E Cage Co.40 x 80 x 74 inches340 Pounds1-inch

Size For a Single and Double Macaw Cage

As we have indicated earlier, a single cage for small/mini macaws should be about 24 x 36 x 48 inches (minimum) and 19-25.4 mm standard bar spacing.

On the other hand, a single cage for large macaws should not be smaller/lesser than 36 x 48 x 60 inches. It must also have a standard bar spacing between 25.4 & 38mm.

If the goal or intention is to have a cage that can conveniently accommodate two (2) macaws at once. A double cage designed to meet your taste/needs/preference should be considered.

An ideal double cage must accommodate two birds of similar size, offering a size that is more than two times (x2) the size of a single macaw cage.

Why is it Important To Get a Double Macaw Cage?

Double macaw cages are popularly considered at home due to the following benefits it offers.

  • It is an economical investment (easy on the pocket) compared to the smallest aviary setup that can simultaneously accommodate two or more birds.
  • Also, a double macaw cage is easier to maintain than an aviary.
  • This type of cage, irrespective of size, does not require as much space as needed to construct an aviary.
  • Although the aviary outlay is expensive and made of top-quality materials, it may be difficult for macaws to get acquainted with it compared to the cage.

How Can You Keep Two Macaws in a Double Macaw Cage With a Center Divider?

Although macaws are highly social birds, they could as well be aggressive when it comes to their territory/space.

Hence,  it is important not to integrate the birds into the same space hastily and unmonitored, especially if they are not raised together from when they were young.

In case anyone decides to place two macaws in the same cage, irrespective of how long these birds must have been together or how well they get along.

It is essential to take the integration process slowly and ensure adequate monitoring. The center divider allows you to test the waters since it is detachable.

This way, the cage can be separated into two, allowing each bird to stay in the created spaces/enclosures while they familiarize themselves before they are allowed to mix or be together.

Also, it is a crucial component/feature in a situation where the birds find it hard to get along after being placed/housed together in the same section.

What Are The Different Types of Double Macaw Cages With a Divider?

When choosing the ideal double macaw cage for your birds, there are two options/types to make a suitable selection from.

These are cages made from either stainless steel or wrought iron materials.

We will highlight the advantages and demerits attached to promote appropriate selection and make a well-informed/concrete purchase decision.

01. Stainless Steel


  • It doesn’t compromise the bird’s health in case they chew or come in contact. Thanks to their non-toxic nature
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use/performance
  • Well-coated, eliminating rust/corrosion


  • Pricey

02. Wrought Iron


  • Affordable design (not as expensive as stainless steel macaw cages)
  • Wrought-iron constructed/designed cages are available in different colors
  • It doesn’t compromise the bird’s health; so far, the coating or paint material is devoid of chips


  • Chipped paint coating or a worn-off coating/rust could compromise the bird’s health due to the toxic nature

4 Best Double Macaw Cages on The Market

What is the top Macaw Cage?

Several brands/designs of double macaw cages are on the market, extending across the two primary construction materials.

As we stated earlier, choosing the best cage doesn’t rely on a single feature, attribute, or parameter. Aside from the construction materials used, it is important to consider the durability, strength, or robustness.

A well-made cage, irrespective of the material used in the construction, improves confidence and encourages longevity.

In such a case, you won’t have to worry about premature wear-off, possible rust/corrosion attack, or the possibility of the birds bringing the cage down or dismantling the various components using their powerful beaks.

To assure the best value for the money, we have selected four (4) top designs worth the pick.

Although they are available at different prices, layouts, and construction materials, they offer impressive safety and security for macaws.

Nevertheless, we recommend the A&E Cage Co. higher, making it out top/most preferred double cage brand.

Why is A&E Cage Co. Macaw Cage?

Why is A&E Cage Co. Macaw Cage

Having considered these products one after the other, especially when it comes to durability and sustainability in the long term. We found A&E Cage Co. more enticing/fascinating than the other brands.

The brand is well-known/popular globally and has been consistent with the quality of products they build and distribute to the market over the years.

01. A&E Cage Co. 6432 Platinum

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel (304 grade) construction
  • Bar spacing: ¾-inch
  • Stainless steel bowls (4)
  • Slide-out grill & tray
  • 64 x 32 x 73.25 inches in dimension
  • 280 pounds in weight

A&E Cage Co. 6432 Platinum construction quality assures durability, offering increased security and safety for the birds, eventually making the cage their home.

This cage is built to withstand whatever the environment, weather, or the birds throw at it due to their intimidating and damaging nature.

It is equipped with a center divider, allowing easy/effortless demarcation in case the owner decides to keep the birds separately from one another.

Impressively, both sides of the cage come with all the features found on a standard single cage.

Since the divider is detachable, the birds can be allowed to mix/bond once they get along, living happily together in the large space it provides.

A&E Cage Co. 6432 Platinum comes with all the accessories that support the bird’s health and growth.

These accessories are made from the finest materials, preventing premature replacements.


  • Cleaning can be achieved with ease
  • Can conveniently accommodate two (2) birds
  • Comes with a breeder’s door
  • The divider can be easily detached


  • Expensive

02. WesternPacific WP8020

Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel
  • Bar spacing: 24mm
  • Water/food bowls (6)
  • Wooden Perches (6)
  • Large swing-out front doors (2)
  • 400 pounds in weight

WesternPacific WP8020 offers enough space and strength to accommodate two (2) birds.

If you are considering integrating two medium-large macaws in the same cage, provided the necessary safety measures and precautions are assured.

This is another excellent design if the interested buyer doesn’t mind the expensive price tag.

The cage comes with all the accessories or features crucial to the birds’ health and safety.

Contrary to the number of bowls that are common with most double macaw cages (4). It has two extra water/food bowls, making it six (6).

The construction material (stainless steel) is safe, eliminating worries about illness due to toxins.

Also, the door locking system/mechanism offers increased security and protection to the bird.


  • Easy access
  • Locking wheels to aid effortless mobility in case of relocation
  • Assures adequate security and protection
  • Available in three (3) different colors


  • Heavy
  • Costly design

03. Mcage XXLarge

Highlighted Features

  • Construction: Stainless steel
  • Bar spacing: 1-inch
  • Center divider
  • Six (6) doors and wood perches (2)
  • Four (4) water and feeding bowls
  • 32 x 32 x 70 inches in dimension

Mcage XXLarge offers the appropriate atmosphere that macaws need to thrive and live happily with one another.

The spacious room allows uninterrupted stretching of wings and movement across the enclosed area.

The doors and locks are designed with top security in mind. This eliminates unauthorized release or escape.

The accommodated macaws can only come out of the cage upon the owner’s approval.

The setup/installation is easy. You do not need previous knowledge of the task to get the necessary components attached or coupled.

Toys such as perches (wooden) and feeding and water bowls (stainless steel) included in the setup are made of reliable quality, eliminating the need for early replacement.

We find the lock that comes with the feeding trays pretty remarkable.

The lock keeps the trays locked in position, preventing/eliminating possible mess that could result from unrestricted/uncontrolled movement.


  • Large doors for improved accessibility
  • Trays and grates can be removed effortlessly and are well labeled
  • Wide enough to accommodate two (2) large birds
  • Easy installation and increased longevity


  • An additional coating could be required for increased protection against rust

04. A&E Cage Co. 8040FL Black

Highlighted Features

  • Iron construction
  • Bar Spacing: 1-inch
  • Front door & feeder door locks
  • Perches (2) and feeding/water bowls (4)
  • 40 x 80 x 74 inches in dimension
  • 340 pounds in weight

If you can’t afford any of the top-quality stainless steel double macaw cages on our list, here is an economical option that can be considered.

Although the durability isn’t comparable to the previous designs, it is adequate enough to deliver excellent security and safety to the birds.

The powder-coated finish offers extended longevity by keeping rust/corrosion away. Also, the coating is not toxic. Hence, the fear of possible threat to the macaw’s health is eliminated.

The feeding/water bowls are made from stainless steel, making it possible to withstand the powerful beak and other stressful activities from the bird’s actions.


  • The coating is safe (non-toxic) for birds
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Easy to install, clean, and maintain
  • Powder-coated finish to withstand rust/corrosion


  • Not as durable as the stainless cages on our list

How To Select Double Macaw Cage

You need to consider some factors when choosing a double macaw cage to prevent any form or inadequacies that could jeopardize the bird’s health/wellbeing.

01. Construction Material

Asides from being a large bird, macaws are also very powerful. Their beak is strong enough to bring down a cage that is capable of housing other species of birds safely and securely.

While investing in a cage wide enough to accommodate your macaws, it is essential to consider how robust/durable the construction material is.

It must be strong enough to withstand consistent attacks from the bird’s actions, making it difficult to break down or chew apart.

In such a case, a double macaw cage made from stainless steel should be the most-preferred selection.

If a stainless-steel-made cage seems too expensive or unavailable. A highly-rated design made from wrought iron can be considered.

Irrespective of the cage’s material, the most important thing is ensuring the construction is durable and reliable.

02. Bar Spacing

Ensure the bar spacing is within the recommended/standard measurement, depending on the bird’s size.

An adequate bar spacing allows easy movement across the cage, ensuring the macaws can easily climb and move about without any restrictions/limitations.

03. Available Space

Asides from ensuring the birds could spread their wings unrestrictedly and aiding free movement.

The cage should as well accommodates various toys and feeding accessories. All these activities and needs should not affect or come in the way of one another.

04. Mobility

Having a cage that can be moved around with ease is important, considering how heavy the construction could be.

You may have to reposition the cage to avert the possible impact of adverse weather on the bird’s health or wellbeing. Having a cage with wheels makes the process effortless.

05. Cleaning/Maintenance

When choosing a cage to buy, put cleaning into perspective. Naturally, Macaws can be somewhat messy, hence the need to pick a design that can accommodate this part of their lifestyle.

It must support easy cleaning and removal of debris or leftover.

Which Accessories Can be Added To The Macaw Cage?

As we indicated earlier, the double macaw cage should be able to accommodate two birds and related accessories conveniently. No two activities should affect one another.

Asides from having various toys and ropes hung across the cage to promote excitement and wellbeing amongst the birds.

Especially the need for wood-made toys to ensure the beak remains in excellent/top condition at all times.

Other accessories that should be present or included in the cage include water and feeding bowls. When choosing the water or feeding bowls, pick the best quality available.

Again, stainless-steel bowls are top options, considering their strength/durability. They can withstand the bird’s powerful beak and prevent possible damage that it might cause it.

Step-By-Step Process About How To Set Up a Double Macaw Cage With a Divider

Step-By-Step Process About How To Set Up a Double Macaw Cage With a Divider

Double macaw cages can be installed just like single macaw cages. The experience gained from previous installations is still relevant in this case.

The only notable difference is the divider. The divider is a removable/detachable unit or component that can be used to divide the cage into two independent areas, allowing the birds to have their separate space.

Once the divider is removed, it eliminates any demarcation/boundary, allowing the two birds to live together while sharing the same space.

01. Choose The Ideal Storage Space

Wherever you choose to situate or position the cage, ensure there is enough space to accommodate it. Also, such an area must be free from noise, disturbances, or turbulence at night.

Notable areas include the kitchen and the living room.

02. Take Out The Hardware/Accessories

The package or kit comes with all the accessories or components needed to form a single unit. Check through the provided parts to assure accuracy and correctness.

It must come with everything needed/required to get the installation done, especially for independent installers.

03. Go Through The Manual

The kit is expected to come with an installation guide/manual. Read through the instructions for proper and well-detailed steps/directions on how to get the job done quickly, safely, and securely.

04. Positioning The Cage

When setting up the cage in your chosen or preferred location, it is recommended/advised to look for a spot that is safe from adverse weather conditions.

It must be safe from direct exposure to sunlight, wind, and excessive cold and dryness.

Also, the position must be where the birds won’t be deprived of viewing nature or seeing things happening around them.

Hence, placing the cage in a corner not far away from the window may be a great idea.

In case you have other pets that could be considered troubling or dangerous. Cats and dogs, for instance.

Ensure the setup does not allow easy reach or tolerate an event that could possibly unsettle the birds.

05. Installing The Wheels

Wheels are an essential/crucial part of the setup. The installer should not neglect the need to couple them appropriately.

When the wheels are attached as expected, it promotes easy movement of the cage from one spot to another, especially when relocation is needed.

How To Take Care of The Cage?

When you do not know what to do to keep the cage neat and safe for the birds, the idea behind it could be hard to embrace.

The instructions manual contains steps that can be easily taken/followed to promote good hygiene and create a safe environment for the birds.

A clean cage assures safety and healthy living by keeping illnesses/diseases away. Hence, macaw owners must take adequate measures to extract waste or mess created by leftover foods or the bird’s droppings.

  • If cage liners are used, have them changed and replaced daily. Leaving the papers unchanged as recommended could create an unfavorable atmosphere. The stench is always unpleasant. No one would want to experience it.
  • Wash the bowls (food and water) daily. Do not top-up water or food from the previous day to avoid contamination. Leftovers and water should be removed accordingly.
  • The bowls should be washed using the recommended washing solution before filling them up. Also, the cage trays and grates should be washed/cleaned within the recommended timeframe, possibly once or twice a week.
  • The cage’s surface, perches, bars, toys, and other accessories that the birds may come in contact with or handle with their beaks should be cleaned or wiped using a damp clean towel daily.

Cost of Macaw Cage

As we discussed earlier, the price of the two acceptable cage construction materials (stainless steel and wrought iron) vary. The former (stainless steel) is more expensive than the latter (wrought iron).

The average purchase cost of a cage made/designed from wrought iron is between $850 and $1500.

On the other hand, stainless steel constructed cage has an average cost that ranges between $2000 and $4000.

Common FAQs

What is The Appropriate Combination/Mixture When Putting Two Birds in The Same Cage?

Once you have settled on putting two macaws in the same cage (unseparated or without portioning).

It is crucial to know the appropriate pairing to avoid causing unnecessary stress or possible injuries to the birds.

It is recommended to avoid pairing two (2) male macaws since the chances of them engaging in a constant fight are high due to their territorial attribute.

Instead, male and female pairing is recognized as the ideal combination.

Nevertheless, whether or not two birds kept together in the same cage will get along depends on each one.

What If The Birds Fail To Get Along?

If the macaws fail to get along, irrespective of the pairing pattern (male & male, male & female, or female & female). The owner may have to put them in a separate space.

A double macaw cage with a center divider allows easy partitioning, allowing each bird to take up one side of the cage.

The divider serves as a wall keeping both birds from coming in contact with one another.

When is The Best Time To Introduce Two Birds Into The Same Cage/Space?

The idea must be implemented/adopted in the early developmental stage to limit possible fights between two birds that are intended to stay together in the same cage,

If both birds have been together from a young age. The possibility of living happily without any major issues is higher than bringing two different adults together.

How Can I Pair Two Different Macaw Adults Together?

The process shouldn’t be rushed if the two birds involved have no previous relationship. Both birds must be monitored and integrated slowly into the new environment or system.

You could start by putting their cages not far away and even release them sometimes in the day over some time to see how they bond.

If they could bond, most importantly, eat together from the same bowl without any issues after several attempts.

It may be the appropriate time to mix or have the birds inside the same cage. However, it is essential not to neglect the need for close monitoring.

Final Words

So far, we have discussed the ideas behind the double macaw cage.

Especially the importance, types, purchase considerations, how to set it up, some of the top designs to look at, and many more information that individuals who are fascinated by the idea of bringing two macaws together will find helpful.

We hope these details offer an adequate guide/direction to promote a clearer and well-thought-out purchase decision.