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How Much is a Cockatiel Bird Cost – 2023 Price Guide

Thinking of making a cockatiel a part of your family? One of the crucial questions that an interested buyer would likely ask is how much is a cockatiel bird.

Cockatiels are popular/well-known among parrot lovers. They are small in size, come with a head crest, and are available in various colors

If you find this bird an ideal pet, especially its attractiveness and how easy it socializes and bonds with the owner.

We have highlighted key/important questions prospective owners need to ask before buying a cockatiel.

These questions are divided into various sections and answered accordingly.

This includes the price of a cockatiel, how to buy a cockatiel, and answering one of the frequently asked questions, “where can I buy a cockatiel.”

How Much Does Buying a Cockatiel Cost on Average?

How Much Does Buying a Cockatiel Cost on Average

This section will look at how much money is a cockatiel.

The provided information will ensure an interested buyer comes up with a definite purchase decision to support adequate planning.

The price difference is dependent on several reasons/factors. The most prominent factor includes the variety/type of cockatiel an individual decides to buy or chooses.

Other factors are how healthy/active the bird is, size or age, the region the buyer lives in, and the breeder’s popularity/reputation and location.

When all the above-listed factors are considered, it takes us back to the question of the price.

On average, cockatiel costs between eighty dollars ($80) and two-hundred and fifty dollars ($250), which could go as high as $300 in some cases, especially for the rare cockatiel type/variety.

Find Out How Much a Cockatiel Bird in 2023

In the previous section, we gave a general estimate of how much it costs to own a cockatiel bird.

This section will be more specific with the price (about the types/varieties of cockatiel).

01. Price of a Cockatiel Gray

It has the highest acceptance rating compared to all other Cockatiel varieties (the most popular choice among individuals who own a cockatiel or are interested in owning one).

The wings and tails are known for their white lines. Also, there are attractive patches (orange color) across the cheeks.

With a budget of about $70 (average cost), owning a gray cockatiel as a pet bird is feasible.

02. Price of a cockatiel Harlequins

Harlequins’ cockatiels are also known or referred to as Pied.

The color pattern is not specific, contributing to the slight difference in look/appearance.

The shape and size of the white patches/markings do not look identical/similar.

However, they all share the same crest color (yellow) and cheek patches (orange).

The cost of purchasing a Pied cockatiel is around $110 on average. The purchase price could rise to about $170 on average in some cases.

03. Price of a cockatiel Cinnamon

Cinnamon cockatiels are easily distinguishable by their pigmentations (brown). However, the colorations could have tan & cinnamon shades.

It is easier to point out the male and the female. Thanks to the difference in the face and check patches color.

A Cinnamon cockatiel with a bright/light yellow face is likely the male. The one with a lighter/brighter yellow face is probably the female.

When it comes to the cheek patches, the colorations are orange and brighter/lighted yellow for male and female Cinnamons, respectively.

A Cinnamon costs about $130 minimum, which could rise to about $160.

04. Price of a cockatiel Lutino

This type/variety of cockatiel has white pigmentation as the distinguishing/unique attribute.

However, the yellow (pale) coloring across the tail, wings, and chest draws more attention to the bird.

An individual who finds a Lutino attractive should be ready to pay between one hundred and fifty dollars ($150) and two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) on average.

05. Price of a cockatiel Pearl

The feathers across the wings, nape, and back have specks/dots of white or yellow. Also, the face is yellow, and the cheeks are orange.

For a healthy/active Pearl cockatiel, an interested individual should be ready to pay as high as $200 on average.

06. Price of a cockatiel White

White cockatiels are the most expensive. The high price is attributed to how scarce they are in the pet bird market.

While the white cockatiel is not widely available compared to the other five (5) varieties.

They can be purchased from reputable cockatiels breeders for as low as $200, which may rise to $300.

Buying Cockatiel Bird

Wondering How Much Money is a Cockatiel

The price of a cockatiel aside, some other expenses come into play to ensure the bird grows up in an environment or condition that supports adequate development, health, and safety, adding up to the acquisition cost.

01. Supply Cost

Before you bring a cockatiel home, a few things or structures have to be in place.

a) Cage

Ensure the cage is wide enough to ensure the bird has adequate room to move around, play, and stretch for improved health and comfort.

A 24L x 18W x 24H inches cage is an ideal/excellent size that could be considered for the best experience.

Depending on the brand/quality, a cage could cost between $100 and $150.

b) Perches

Invest in quality perches to support climbing, cleaning the beak, standing, and other healthy and fun activities that birds are known to participate in.

Depending on the build material, quality, and size/shape of the perches, a budget of about an average $20 should be sufficient.

c) Bowls

Several cage designs come with food and water bowls. However, you may decide to settle for better bowls (improved construction quality).

Choose big bowls to hold enough food and water for adequate feeding and nourishment.

These accessories (food and water bowl) can be purchased for about $15 on average.

d) Bedding

Do not leave the bottom of the cage open/uncovered. Integrating this material into the cage setup makes the cleaning and collection of droppings easier.

Depending on the type of bedding you desire to settle for. The cost could be as low as $5 and as high as $20.

02. Necessary Expenditure

These are recurring expenses (they are not one-offs). These needs must be met daily or regularly to ensure the bird enjoys suitable living conditions.

a) Food

The immune system is enhanced by feeding your bird with fruits, parrot mix, vegetables, and seeds, keeping diseases and sickness locked out.

Depending on the food combination the owner decides to settle for, an average monthly budget of $30 is realistic per cockatiel.

b) Toys

If the bird is going to spend most of the time in the cage, equip it with necessary accessories that aid fun, exercise, and entertainment.

Investing in safe toys isn’t expensive. Twenty dollars ($20) should cover the purchase of a few toys.

c) Health

Embrace regular cleaning/maintenance of the bird’s cage.

Do not settle for any random cleaning solution. Ensure the cage cleaner has an excellent reputation for bird safety.

A safe cleaning solution costs about $15 on average and lasts up to a year.

Also, adhere to a routine visit to the veterinary care. Set aside a budget of about $70 (on average).

This could go higher depending on the bird’s health condition, especially in the case of surgery.

03. Total Monthly & Annual Maintenance Cost

On average, the monthly expenses (cage/housing maintenance, food/health, and visit to the vet) could cost around $50.

That is about $600/annum (average cost).

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The Consideration Before Buying Cockatiel Bird

01. The Bird’s Age

Anyone interested in owning a cockatiel from its early stage of life should be ready to pay more.

Usually, the younger the bird, the higher the price.

Starting from when a cockatiel is two (2) months old, it can be picked up and reintegrated into a new home/environment.

Picking them up at lesser than eight (8) weeks is not recommended.

02. How Healthy/Active is The Bird is

A healthy cockatiel (without any disabilities or abnormalities) would cost more than one with any health issues/conditions.

Also, if you are interested in a comprehensive health record of the bird, such demand/request could raise the purchase cost a bit higher than usual.

03. The Reliability of The Seller/Breeder

Avoid picking up a pet bird from a random breeder. While a random breeder may offer a compelling price, the gamble may not be worth it.

Instead, it is recommended to go after well-recognized, reliable, or highly-recommended breeders around.

Although the price may be higher than you would find elsewhere, the assurance that comes with the purchase is immeasurable.

The buyer is confident about picking up a healthy cockatiel that will thrive in their home.

04. The Breeder’s/Buyer’s Location

If there is no cockatiel breeder in your region or country it could mean buying this bird from a reputable breeder overseas.

In such a situation, some other expenses are factored in.

For instance, the cost of shipping the bird to the buyer’s location will be added to the purchase invoice.

05. How To Buy a Cockatiel

This section highlights some tips that could be adopted/considered to save a few bucks when purchasing a cockatiel at the lowest possible cost-

a) Promos

There are times when reputable breeders offer this attractive and friendly bird to interested buyers at a discount or a more affordable price than usual.

Nevertheless, discount sales are mostly accompanied by some terms/conditions.

For instance, someone interested in buying two cockatiels may enjoy a particular percentage reduction in price.

Also, some breeders may decide to give out some accessories such as bedding, perches, or bowls as a complimentary gift to buyers, irrespective of the unit of birds they buy.

Look out for these promos and take advantage of the offers.

b) Adoption

Bird rescue agencies/organizations are open to adoption. Individuals who want to pick up a cockatiel at an affordable price could visit some of these agencies and file for adoption.

As discussed earlier, cockatiels cost between $80 and $300, depending on the variety/type.

The cost of adoption is pegged between $50 and $100 on average. That is about a $30 to $200 reduction in the purchase price.

If you are looking for a big cage for your Macaws then this guide is for you.

Where Can I Buy a Cockatiel?

Where Can I Buy a Cockatiel

If you are interested in buying a cockatiel or making this beautiful bird a part of the family. The places to look at include:

  • Pet stores
  • Cockatiel breeders

Irrespective of the channel, a prospective cockatiel owner decides to explore or get the bird. Ensure adequate/appropriate research is conducted.

Ask for recommendations. The seller’s reputation (breeder or pet store) is critical.

It gives a clearer view of what to expect, especially how healthy the bird would be.

Stay away from picking a cockatiel from individuals who do not have adequate/updated experience or understanding of the bird.

Also, ensure the bird is appropriately inspected to detect any deformities. Ask for health records if it feels like something that interests you.

Nevertheless, health reports come at an extra price.

Common FAQs

Which cockatiel is beautiful?

Among the tapestry of avian beauty, the Lutino cockatiel stands out with its stunning, pure yellow feathers and vibrant red-orange cheek patches. A living masterpiece that graces homes with its elegance, this variation is a testament to the breathtaking diversity found within the cockatiel realm.

What do cockatiels eat daily?

Cockatiels relish a balanced diet comprising pellets, seeds, and fresh treats. Greens, veggies, and occasional fruits not only please their taste buds but also provide essential nutrients. Remember, a colorful dish mirrors their vibrant personality, ensuring a chirpy, healthy friend by your side.

Can 1 cockatiel live alone?

While cockatiels have a sociable spirit, some individuals can thrive solo with proper care and attention. However, like us, they do yearn for companionship. If considering a lone cockatiel, be prepared to be their flock, offering enrichment and interaction to keep their vibrant personality aflutter.

Can a cockatiel talk?

The cockatiel surprises with its own charming symphony of sounds. Mimicking speech isn’t their forte, but their playful whistles and occasional words make for a delightful conversation starter.

How Soon Should The Toys Be Replaced?

Toys or other accessories replacements do not have a specific timeline.

Like other parrots, the Cockatiel works its beaks on the toys, which exposes them to early damage.

On average, the toys could have to be replaced once every six (6) months. That is about twice per annum.

Pet owners are advised to refrain from buying many toys at once (about five different toys are adequate).

You can then replace them accordingly when damage occurs.

What Tips Do I Need To Follow/Embrace To Prevent or Minimize Possible Injury To The Bird?

When there are adequate safety standards in place, possible injuries to your bird are significantly minimized or prevented, as the case may be.

Inspect the toys, food/water bowls, and perches regularly for possible damage. Whenever any of these accessories break, replace them immediately.

How Often Should I Clean The Cage?

Cleaning should be done regularly. Irrespective of the busy schedule, ensure the case is fixed using a top brand of cage cleaner at least once a week.

How Long Can a Cockatiel Live?

Depending on the health/living condition. A cockatiel can remain a part of the family for an extended number of years (an average of twenty (20) years)

Also, there are reports of cockatiels who lived for about 25 years before they died.

Last Thoughts

We hope this guide has answered, “how much is a cockatiel bird.”

Cockatiels are highly rated for their compelling/appealing personalities.

Also, they do not require excessive resources to properly care for them.

When they are offered a safe and healthy cage, fed with nourishing foods, and showered with love.

Cockatiels are known to make a perfect addition to the home.

Hence, they are suitable for individuals who have never owned a bird pet before.