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How Much Does a Macaw Cost – Macaws Price in 2023

Macaw lovers have a common question: how much does a macaw cost? The price of macaw birds ranges typically $500-$5000 depending upon the breed, color, and size of the macaw. Presently, the most popular type of macaws price in the pet market in 2023 is around $1000 to $18,000.

Macaws are definitely one of the most beautiful birds you can own. However, what you will find is owning one of these birds is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have in your life.

The problem that you may have is not knowing how much does a macaw cost. Today we will reveal the estimated price of macaw birds in 2023. You also will find out about two of the most common supplies you need to have for raising your macaw safely and happily.

How Much Do Macaws Cost?

How Much Do Macaws Cost

The price range of a macaw can vary quite a bit depending on the breed of this bird.

This is common for any pet you buy for a bird, though, you may not expect to see a wide price range.

What else is going to really impact the price of the macaw is the color and size.

Often you can find the smaller birds for a lower price and if you are looking for colors, blue and gold can be easier on the pocketbook.

Macaws Price Chart 2023

Macaw SpeciesPrice Range in 2023 (USD)Avg Price (USD)
Blue and Gold Macaw$700 to $2500$1500
Hybrid Macaw$1000 to $5000$3000
Scarlet Macaw$2000 to $3000$2500
Smaller Macaw$700 to $1000$850

Blue and Gold Macaws Price

This is a common color that people associate with a macaw outside of the vibrant reds.

This is actually one of the most common macaws you can find as well. The price of this macaw will run you about $1200 dollars and could easily creep up to the $1500 dollar mark depending on the breeder of the bird. If you ask for an estimated price of 2023, then it would be $700-$2500.

Scarlet Macaws Price

When you look at the scarlet macaw you will notice they are the vibrant reds and sometimes blue color patterns you see on television shows and even in zoos.

The price of this macaw because they are popular and such a gorgeous color is going to cost you about $2000.

However, if you get a really good quality scarlet macaw the price could easily start to jump up to the mid $3000 dollar range if not even more at times.

Hybrid Macaws Price 

The hybrids are going to be a special breed that is going to really provide you with all the features you want to have in the macaw.

The thing that you need to realize is this is going to be a very expensive bird for you to check out. 

Now, you need to realize the price of the hybrid is going to vary quite a bit depending on the breeder and what you are getting with the macaw.

In some cases, you will find a hybrid macaw that can cost as little as $1000 dollars, but you may find some of the prices for the hybrid could soar to the $5000 dollar mark.

If you are looking at a hybrid macaw it is important to see what sets them apart. Usually, hybrid macaws are bred for color.

In some cases, the breeds do consider temperament. So make sure you check to see what the breeder of the hybrid macaw was looking for when they are getting the birds matched up for the hybrid breeding they are doing.

Smaller Macaws Price 

The smaller macaws are not going to be a different breed of parrot. Instead, they are just a smaller type of macaw.

These birds do have a lower cost which makes them a little bit more affordable for people to buy.

Some of the smaller macaws can go for as little as $700 dollars, but they can go all the way up to $1000 dollars.

Supplies You Will Need to Have

The macaw is a very beautiful parrot and one that you need to have certain supplies for them to be happy.

The first thing that you need to make sure you have is a beautiful cage for your macaw. This is going to be one of the more expensive purchases you will have to make right away.

 At the same time, you want to make sure you get a cage that is large enough for your macaw which is what makes this one of the more expensive purchases.

Something else you will need to get on a regular basis is food. The food needs to be a wide range of diet food that your macaw will enjoy eating and provide them with the nutrition they need.

Typically you will find a well-balanced diet of food will be fresh vegetables and seeds, but also some of the commercial feeds you can find at the store.

If you are looking to find out how much does a macaw costs you will see the price is varied quite a bit. The cost really depends on the color you want, but also the breeder.

The only macaw that could cost you a true fortune would be a Hyacinth Macaw which could have a price tag that can range up to the $20000 mark on the higher end.

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Macaw Parrots History/Origin

Macaws belong to the Psittacidae family, with seventeen (17) natural species classified under it.

So, whenever the name Macaw is mentioned, you should think about a group of true parrots, not just one.

Well, you can be specific about the exact species in the discussion so that adequate/appropriate information can be provided.

Think about the different species of parrots out there, ranging across hundreds in total (about 400 types of parrots). None of them can compete with Macaws when it comes to size.

Without any hesitation, Macaws are the world’s most giant parrots. These attractive and highly-intelligent birds are of South American origin.

Although their natural habitat is in the wild, they have found their way into homes through captive breeding (captured in the wild and integrated into the society, where they mate and multiply).

Over the years, there have been several reports about a few species that are believed to have gone into extinction (Spix’s & Glaucous Macaws), considering how long anyone has set their eyes on them in the wild.

Also, some Macaw species are reported to fall under the list of highly endangered birds (Blue-throated, Hyacinth, and Red-fronted), primarily blamed on deforestation (as a result of continuous developments and expansions going on in countries where they are naturally found, thereby evading their natural habitat) and unsolicited/unauthorized hunting, contributing to the booming pet trade.

Types of Macaws

Types of Macaws

As we have stated earlier, there are seventeen (17) species/types of Macaws. Although they all share some common behaviors/traits, they also have distinguishing attributes/uniqueness regarding care and other life-enhancing needs.

As you read along, we will list/highlight these species. Including those out of sight in the wild, with possible fear of extinction, and the ones that have reduced drastically in number (critically endangered Macaws list) as hunters continue to raid/storm their natural habitat to meet the growing pet market.

  • Hyacinth macaw
  • Blue-throated Macaw
  • Red-fronted Macaw
  • Military Macaw
  • Spix’s Macaw
  • Glaucous Macaw
  • Blue-and-gold Macaw
  • Yellow-collard Macaw
  • Illiger’s or Blue-winged Macaw
  • Scarlet Macaw
  • Hahn’s Macaw
  • Red-bellied Macaw
  • Green-winged Macaw
  • Lear’s Macaw
  • Chestnut-fronted Macaw
  • Noble Macaw
  • Coulon’s or Blue-headed Macaw

All the species/types we have highlighted/listed above are not of the same size. We have mini/compact-sized, mid-sized, and large-sized Macaws.

The Hyacinth Macaws are the largest species (an Adult can grow up to 42-inch in size), and Hahn’s Macaws are the smallest (the adult has an average size of about 12-inch)

Also, when it comes to how long the Macaws live or stay alive. The larger the species, the longer they could live, provided favorable conditions.

Macaws Common Features

  • The mini/compact Macaw species can grow up to an average size of 15-inch. That is a minimum of 10-inch and a maximum of 20-inch.
  • The larger Macaws can grow up to an average size of 31-inch. That is a minimum size of 20-inch and a maximum of 42-inch.
  • On average, Macaws can live up to 40 years under favorable living conditions (30 years Min & 50 years Max).

The larger the size, the higher the possibility of an extended lifespan. There are reports of Macaws that have lived up to eighty (80) years.

  • Beautiful/attractive appearance, the feathers are bright, the beaks are large, the facial patches are either white or light, and the nails are long. All of these physical attributes make the Macaw an attractive pet.


Can macaw talk?

Yes, some macaw can talk. They mimic human speech or phrases. Blue and gold macaws can learn to talk more quickly than other macaw breeds. Although other macaws try to learn human phrases and mimic them.

Why would a Macaw die prematurely?

While the Macaw has a lifespan expectation of 50 to 80 years, they might not live up to this number of years before they die. If a Macaw dies before the anticipated/expected lifespan, such death is categorized as premature.

If the bird isn’t well-fed, protected, or allowed to interact/socialize (permanently locks up in the cage). This could lead to an unexpected disease attack, shortening the bird’s life.

Are Harlequins true Macaw?

Harlequins are hybrids. They can be bred both in the wild and in captivity.

While we can’t take away the possibility of the parents coming together or mating in the wild, the occurrence is mainly uncommon. As a result, captive breeding is the well-known or popular channel/link of their existence.

In short, when the Green-winged & Blue-and-Gold Macaws mate, the outcome (offspring) is the Harlequin.

How big is the Harlequin Macaw?

On average, a fully grown Harlequin could be up to 37.5-inch in size. That is a minimum of 35-inch and a maximum of 40-inch.

This is between two (2) and three and a half (3.5) pounds when it comes to weight.

What unique attributes does Macaw possess?

This bird shares the traits/attributes of both parents. As a result, macaws are highly-rated for how intelligent (trainable) and affectionate (easily bonded with the owners) they are.

Not only that, they can effectively communicate or speak by maintaining a loud and clear tone.

Who should consider buying or adopting a Macaw?

Who should consider buying or adopting a Macaw

Although the macaws are calm, friendly, and fun to interact with or socialize with. They also have their other sides.

They are sweet creatures, no doubt. Nevertheless, they could exhibit some acts of crankiness when they become frustrated.

The frustration could result from the feeling of neglect, isolation, or little or no socialization. When you fail to dedicate ample time to the bird, it grows bored over time, resulting in frustration.

Common signs of frustration include an attempt to bite, destroying accessories in the cage or around the home, and plucking its feathers.

Overall, they are excellent species that anyone who desires a large parrot who doesn’t get unnecessarily aggressive (behaves calmly) can go for.

Once the owners play their roles (provide it with adequate care, time, and attention). Harlequins are such sweet birds.

How do I ensure adequate nutrition and diet?

Collectively, Macaws rely on adequate energy. They need as much energy as they can get from the food you give, offer, or provide them.

To guarantee and ensure uncompromised health, feed them with foods that are sufficient in calories and oils.

In addition to parrot mix, high-quality nuts, vegetables, fruits, or seeds should not miss or neglect in their diet.

A daily serving of half cup of parrot mix and another half cup of vegetables, seeds, fruits, or nuts should be adequate for high nutrition.

Also, ensure the water bowl is cleaned and replaced with clean water daily.

Is there anywhere I can get a pet macaw for a cheap price?

Macaw is quite an expensive type of bird but you can check the pet adoption websites or ask the veterinary clinic for any address to get a macaw bird. But even after getting the bird at a cheap price, proper maintenance will cost a lot. However, you can get a macaw at a cheap price until you define the cheap is not a macaw that price similar to the budgie.

Final Words

Macaws are pretty intelligent and active birds, they need pure attention as well as take care of both.
Owning a macaw can be charming but maintaining its life is expensive.
You must buy a well-aged macaw for around $3500 more or less.
Their home cage expenses, food supply, and insurance need a few extra bucks. So, it will be a long costly journey like human life.
Along with this, in the end, you will get peace of mind having a friend beside you.
The researchers found that having pets is a good exercise for mental and physical health because it keeps their owners busy and cheerful.
In last words, we want to say the macaw is a high-maintenance bird and not accessible to pets.
But if you desire to give your total commitment to it, it will be worth all the cost and effort you put on.
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