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Male Macaw vs Female Macaw: 5 Easy Steps to Identify The Gender

Scarlet macaws are among the most vibrant and multi-colored parrots and are widely recognized as the most beautiful among bird lovers. 

They have big, uniform patches of red, blue, and yellow on their wings, which contributes to their beauty. Sadly, unlike most parrot species, the Macaw cannot be distinguished easily between a male and a female just by visual cues.

However, it is crucial to select the right gender if you want to keep one as a pet.

So if you are wondering how to differentiate between Male Macaw vs Female Macaw, then read on to discover their key differences.

How to Identify the Differences Between a Male & Female Macaw

How to Identify the Differences Between a Male & Female Macaw

Male Macaw vs Female Macaw: Personality & Behaviour

In addition to being highly intelligent, scarlet macaws are also very active birds. However, they cluster in large groups in the wild, and these birds pair as monogamous couples for life once they find a suitable partner.

Because of this, they are known to form strong bonds with their owners and are considered devoted companions like dogs.

Nevertheless, scarlet macaws are the kind of bird that can get obsessed with a single person. To avoid this, ensure they learn how to get along with family members early.

Additionally, when male macaws are angry or anxious, they become more ferocious and ready to start a fight more quickly.

Yet again, sexually mature males in the presence of another male will become hostile and attack each other even in the best of circumstances; in extreme cases, they may bite each other to death.

However, if they find a suitable mate, male and female macaws will form pairs and remain together for life, which is very romantic. When they find a partner, they become more loving and passionate.

Male Macaw vs Female Macaw: Speech & Vocalizations

All parrots have the potential for extremely loud voices, but Scarlet macaws should receive an award for their ear-shattering cries.

These parrots are likelier to shriek than talk because they love being the center of attention.

Consequently, the Scarlet macaw may not be the greatest choice of pet if you are easily annoyed by loud noises or live in an apartment building.

Scarlet macaws, on the other hand, make excellent companions for those who need a parrot capable of carrying on funny conversations. 

Furthermore, these birds may learn between five to ten new words with the right instruction.

Male Macaw vs Female Macaw: Physical Attributes

While you cannot count on the visual signs of Scarlet macaws, they can still lend insight into which sex you might be dealing with. Some common features are:

Size: Despite the tiny difference, it is believed that male macaws are slightly larger than female macaws.

Beak: It is thought that female Macaws have thinner beaks than males.

Head: Many bird lovers would tell you that males have slightly larger and flatter heads than females.

Male Macaw vs Female Macaw: Surgical Sexing Option

Male Macaw vs Female Macaw

A surgical incision is made close to the area containing the gonads to determine the sex of a Macaw using this approach.

Experts can tell whether or not a Macaw is male by looking for gonads inside the incision. The absence of gonads is conclusive evidence that the bird is female.

However, there is a risk of infection and invasiveness with this sexing procedure.

The good news is that this process is fast and accurate, so you’ll know in a matter of minutes the gender of the Macaw.



Male Macaw vs Female Macaw: DNA Testing

DNA testing is currently the technique for distinguishing between male and female macaws. No need to stress about using this technique because it is secure, effective, and comfortable.

The likelihood of your Macaw being the opposite sex than the DNA results imply is low, as DNA testing specialists claim their results are 99% flawless.

DNA testing using feathers is possible, but it is less accurate than blood samples.


The macaw is often considered to be one of the most magnificent creatures on Earth. Its joyful temperament only adds to its natural charm.

However, male and female scarlet macaws have some key differences for which many people might spot their gender.

Nevertheless, we have provided you with a detailed review of Male Macaw vs Female Macaw and their characteristics.