African Grey vs Cockatiel: Which One Will Be The Best?

African Grey vs Cockatiel: Which One Will Be The Best One For You?

A close friendship with a parrot could be one of the most fulfilling experiences in a person’s life. Choosing between the hilarious Cockatiel and the brilliant African Grey can be tough. Whether you’re brand new to the idea of owning a parrot or have years of experience with them already, you might be curious about …

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How To Play with Macaw? 5 Interesting Ways to Play fun games

How Do You Play with Your Macaw

Macaws are highly smart and social animals. They require constant stimulation to stay healthy and happy. Macaws that are bored may become depressed and suffer psychological and physical issues. To keep your Macaw engaged, play with lots of toys, keep your cage exciting and spend lots of hours with your pet. How To Play with …

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How To Sell Your Macaw? 3 Effective and Easy Steps to Do It Like A Pro

How To Sell Your Macaw (3 Effective and Easy Steps)

Selling your Macaw can be a quick and painful process. However, many macaw owners get confused when selling their bird, especially if it’s their first time selling one.  So to escape the confusion and sell a Macaw quickly, easily, and safely, one must take these 3 simple steps: Create a lucrative advertisement Search for potential …

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Harlequin Macaw vs Scarlet Macaw- Which One Will be The Best pet?

Harlequin Macaw vs Scarlet Macaw

Similar to the trend of keeping cats and dogs as pets, huge birds like a harlequin and scarlet macaws are also considered some of the best pets one could own. Both harlequins and scarlets are beautiful and smart and may live for decades. So no wonder they are a popular choice for pets. But what …

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