13 Best Bird Cage For Parakeet in 2023 [Strong, Affordable & Flight]

Best Bird Cage For Parakeet

Melopsittacus Undulatus, as horrid the scientific name for your parakeets or your budgies as it may seem, finding a cage is slightly a job that breaks a little less sweat! Sure enough, you love your little birdies, and so do we! That the parakeet (or parakeets) doesn’t feel intimidated living in a cage, you need to …

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7 Quick Tips – How to Tell If A Parakeet is Male or Female By Yourself

How To Tell If a Parakeet is Male or Female

Anyone thinking of getting a pet should consider getting a parakeet as they are excellent and friendly. However, a lot of people often get curious to know the gender of their parakeet, especially when naming the parakeet. Knowing whether a parakeet is male or female is an important skill to have, especially if you’re thinking …

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