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11 Best Bird Cage For Conures – Price Guide in 2023

Irrespective of where you stand (a conure owner or an individual who intends to pick one soon).

When making plans/arrangements to pick up a new home for this precious little creature, buying the best bird cage for conure comes to mind.

Since the bird’s survival depends solely on the quality of living conditions the caregiver offers or provides for it, which the cage/housing makes a huge part of.

It is your responsibility to choose a design that provides safety, protection, and comfort.

Like every essential product or component, picking the ideal cage (in terms of construction quality and adequate space) could be a struggle considering the number of designs one needs to check or research before finding the right option.

To save conure owners (existing and prospective) the stress of going through dozens of designs before finally finding an option to settle for. Most importantly, picking the perfect home for their precious bird.

We have identified eleven (11) excellently built/constructed cages that offer an ideal environment to support improved health, safety, and growth.

These designs are offered by top-ranking brands such as Yaheetech, SUPER DEAL, Prevue Hendryx, VIVOHOME, and ZENY.

Comparison Table Of Best Conure Cage

ImageBrandDimensionsWeightBar SpacePrice
Yaheetech18 x 14 x 64 inches3 pounds0.4 inch
SUPER DEAL03 x 17.91 x 32.87 inches1 pounds0.5 inch
Prevue Hendryx37 x 23 x 60 inches42 pounds0.5 inch
VIVOHOME8 x 25.8 x 72 inches4 pounds0.5 inch
Yaheetech32 x 30.5 x 68.5 inches1 pounds0.75 inch
SUPER DEAL5 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches30 to 40lbs0.6 inch
ZENY27 x 20 x 9 inches17 pounds0.4 inch

What is the top quality Bird Cage For Conure?

What is the top quality Bird Cage For Conure

We understand that every conure owner is intentional about their bird’s welfare, hence the urge and desire to find an environment that supports outstanding growth and development.

Without exclusions or any forms of reservations, all the designs we have listed make the cut or fit the perfect description of an ideal home for a conure.

Asides from the impressive construction quality they all offer, the space is also big/adequate enough to cater to the bird’s recreation needs to support a healthy lifestyle.

Without any doubt, we are impressed with the construction standards, offering immense value for the money.

Nevertheless, we have decided to settle with the Yaheetech 64-inch Play Open Top Conures Bird Cage with Detachable Rolling Stand as the most-preferred design.

Why Yaheetech 64-Inch Play Open Top is the Best Bird Cage?

This cage offers a large area, ensuring the conure has enough space to spread its body and wings.

The metal construction is robust/solid, resisting quality-limiting attacks to ensure the cage stands the test of time.

It comes with accessories such as perches, a swing, and bowls for water and food. All of which play integral roles in the bird’s health and development.

Also, the coupling/installation of the various components to form a single/complete cage is relatively easy.

11 Best Bird Cage For Conure Buying Guideline

01. Yaheetech B075DX5LD1

Highlighted Features

  • Metal construction
  • Wooden perches (4)
  • Food and water bowls (4)
  • Installation instructions
  • 18 x 14 x 64 inches in dimension
  • 3 pounds in weight
  • 0.4 inch Bar Spacing

Yaheetech B075DX5LD1 creates an atmosphere that supersedes what many designs would give. Considering the safety and comfort, it assures.

Especially the more expansive space offered for easy movement of the bird and to support fun and recreational activities they need to stay active and lead a healthy lifestyle.

The cage could be compared to an animal palace because that is what it really feels like once the installation/setup is finalized.

It arrives in two sections (top and bottom). These two sections have to be attached together to form a unit.

However, ensuring they fit appropriately requires patience to provide optimum stability.

You want to be sure that the two sections are securely attached using the necessary accessories to avoid falling off, which could harm the bird or anyone else it comes in contact with during such an incident.

On average, the assembling could take between fifteen (15) and thirty (30) minutes to complete.

The installation manual could be consulted or relied upon for a smoother and timely completion.

Considering the amount of space the cage offers, your conure will appreciate such a grand gesture.

Especially the rooms it provides to spread its feathers and move around freely.

Also, the bars are well-spaced, preventing the bird from escaping or coming out of the cage unapproved.

Without any doubt, anyone will find Yaheetech B075DX5LD1 sufficient/adequate.

We love the stand’s robustness, the bottom tray’s attractiveness, and the amount of opening available on the cage.


  • Spacious, making it an ideal home for the bird
  • The rolling stand supports easy movement or relocation
  • Doesn’t require excessive storage space to put/set the cage


  • Components assembling requires a lot of patience



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Wrought iron construction
  • Stainless bowls (5) for food and water
  • Perches (2) and industrial caters (4)
  • Comes with rolling stands and lockable doors
  • 03 x 17.91 x 32.87 inches in dimension
  • 1 pounds in weight
  • 0.5 inch Bar Spacing

Just like every parrot, the conure likes playing with its beak, which is strong enough to bite through hard objects or structures, which may result in damage.

Hence, settling for a cage that can withstand heavy and consistent bites is essential, ensuring the bars do not break or bend under such pressure.

The SUPER DEAL B0734SYJQG is built using sturdy/durable wrought iron, which is strong enough to cope or withstand conures lifestyle by taking the heavy hits and bites.

Also, it is designed to perform excellently over an extended period, irrespective of the harshness of the weather.

It doesn’t matter the region you live in or how extreme the weather conditions could be. This cage handles the situation well.

The powder-coated exterior does more than enhance the design’s attractiveness.

It supports adequate and long-lasting protection against rust/corrosion attacks, keeping the cage’s integrity intact.

The construction materials (cage and the accessories) are tested and verified toxin-free, eliminating possible implications on safety and health.

The removable grille and tray beneath the cage support adequate and complete cleaning, ensuring there are no hiding corners/spaces for dirt and leftovers to keep the house clean and free from contamination.


  • Supports adequate protection against adverse weather conditions
  • Built for strength to withstand the bird’s activities
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • The cage can be repositioned or moved around easily and quietly


  • The instructions could be limited. Nevertheless, installation is easy.


03. Prevue Hendryx ‎ F050

Prevue Hendryx ‎ F050

Highlighted Features

  • ‎Alloy steel and plastic construction materials
  • Powder-coated steel mesh
  • Wood perches (3) and plastic tray
  • Plastic food and water bowls (4)
  • 37 x 23 x 60 inches in dimension
  • 42 pounds in weight
  • 0.5 inch Bar Spacing

Prevue Hendryx is a popular and successful cage manufacturer with several years of presence and a lot of exciting and highly-recommendable designs bird owners could consider.

Before the Prevue Hendryx F050 was the F040, a top-rated design with many excellent reviews to show for the quality it provides.

Basically, this design was created/built as an upgrade or superior version, with special consideration/interest in space. Compared to its predecessor (F040), the F050 possesses a larger space/area for optimized convenience and comfort.

The construction quality is pretty remarkable. Its durability ensures it can fight whatever the bird or environment throws at it for extended use/operation.

Inside the cage are essential accessories such as food/water bowls and wood perches to support the bird’s growth and development.

Since they are made from top-quality and durable materials, you may decide not to replace them until there are clear/tangible reasons, saving a few bucks in the process.

Also, it is important to state that the materials are clear of toxins, keeping the birds safe from harmful exposure to chemicals that could affect health.

Since the grille and tray (located at the bottom of the cage) can be easily removed or pulled out, it supports easy cleaning/maintenance.


  • Built for convenience and comfort
  • The grille and tray support easy cleaning
  • Affordable and supports stress-free assembling
  • The caster wheels can be rolled quietly and with ease


  • Packaging could be improved to cater to poor handling during shipment.



Highlighted Features

  • Low-carbon steel and black coating
  • Caster wheels and play top
  • Perches (2) and food/water bowls (4)
  • Mounting components are made available
  • 8 x 25.8 x 72 inches in dimension
  • 4 pounds in weight
  • 0.5 inch Bar Spacing

VIVOHOME VH362 is built from one of the finest materials around.

The sturdy steel material, supported by the carefully done welding and black coating, offers immense support and strength against whatsoever comes its way or attempts to wreck it.

While the black coating offers impressive style and appearance, it also adds a significant level of protection against elements of extreme weather conditions such as rust/corrosion.

In addition to controlling possible effects/impacts of harsh weather conditions, the sturdy construction also handles consistent bites from the bird.

Usually, such action would break/bend the bars in low-quality or average designs, leading to a breakout.

We are impressed with the manufacturer’s eyes for the security and safety of the conure.

The safe lock eliminates unauthorized access from younger family members or bigger pets, which could stress the bird unnecessarily or even harm it.

The trays (top and beneath the cage) and grille make cleaning and maintenance easy. The component’s construction quality is impressive, eliminating breakage/damage under pressure.

Since the trays are made of plastic, they can withstand/tolerate waste accumulations that would normally attract rust/corrosion.

Installation is easy. This activity is what anyone can do, irrespective of previous experience of the task. Even kids can complete the assembling without stress in about half an hour.


  • Wide/large space for unrestricted movement
  • Safe lock provided for safety against breakout or unauthorized access
  • Trays can be detached with ease for adequate cleaning
  • Built to withstand adverse weather conditions


  • The instruction manual contains pictures only
  • Packaging quality could get better


05. Yaheetech B00VWLEC00

Highlighted Features

  • Metal construction material
  • Stainless steel feeders (2)
  • Play top area (with ladder)
  • 32 x 30.5 x 68.5 inches in dimension
  • 1 pounds in weight
  • 0.75 inch Bar Spacing

Yaheetech needs no introduction. Similar to our most-preferred design (the number one cage on the list), the Yaheetech B00VWLEC00 offers comfort, convenience, protection, and safety.

Just like other parrots, the conure needs/deserves all the affection or attention it can get from the owner/caregiver.

If you are dedicated to ensuring the bird lives a fun-filled and healthy life, it is essential to make necessary provisions to support the course.

The cage has a dedicated area for recreational activities at the top, enhancing interaction with the bird.

Also, the size (large and spacious) supports easy movement, spreading of feathers, and the addition of toys to reinforce fun activities and support the bird’s playful nature.

The construction can stand the test of time. The metal material is solidly prepared to withstand the effect of water/moisture, most importantly blocking rust/corrosion attacks completely.

We find the practicality of this design and its ease of use very impressive.

Achieving a successful assembling/setup doesn’t require special tools or skills, reducing the installation timeframe.

All the components needed/necessary for putting the cage up as a unit are provided in the package, including a precise/comprehensive instructions manual.

Due to the large space between the bars, it is essential to strategically place/position the cage beyond the reach of bigger pets to avoid situations that could unsettle the bird or lead to life-threatening injuries.


  • Placed or positioned both indoors and outdoor
  • Quality is not lowered or affected by moisture
  • Eliminates rust attack completely
  • Spacious design for comfort and its solid lock supports adequate bird safety.


  • Large space between the bars




Highlighted Features

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Detachable stands and caster wheels
  • 0.6 inch bar spacing
  • Stainless steel bowls (2)
  • Perches (2)
  • 5 x 20.5 x 20.5 inches in dimension

SUPER DEAL’s rise to prominence wasn’t accomplished in a day. It takes the manufacturer years of continuous hard work and the creation/production of great quality products that appeal to most bird owners globally.

Just like every of the brand’s products, SUPER DEAL B07W724FS8 proves to be reliable.

Thanks to the sturdy and top-quality stainless steel used in the construction, which provides long-lasting protection and safety to the conure and other birds that make it their home.

Impressively, all the construction materials are declared free from toxins or harmful chemicals that could threaten the animal’s health/wellbeing.

The long perches (2) are strong enough to serve various functions. The conure can either stand on them while stretching/exercising its body or use it as support while eating or resting.

Considering the solid construction that the bowls (2) possess, they could be used for a long time.

An immediate replacement or upgrade could be suspended since only a few aftermarket bowls can stand head to head when it comes to quality.

Installation is straightforward. Also, the cage can be detached or disassociated from the stand to meet the specific need of each owner.

The caster wheels are solid, aiding a reliable and quiet movement of the cage across various locations in the home.


  • The cage is spacious, aiding numerous bird’s activities conveniently
  • Cleaning can be performed efficiently
  • Solid construction to stand the test of time
  • Stress-free assembling


  • Doesn’t come with extra components/parts



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Iron construction
  • Food and water bowls 94)
  • Wooden perches (3)
  • Removable tray and grate
  • 27 x 20 x 9 inches in dimension
  • 17 pounds in weight
  • 0.4 inch Bar Spacing

ZENY B077TGTPC2 is a product of careful design, addressing several complaints that are popular/common with most of the designs out there.

For instance, the food and water bowls are designed to lower food wastage or prevent water from spilling excessively.

This is achieved by raising the height of the bowls across all sides, creating enough barriers to prevent tossing.

Like every cage we have reviewed so far, the construction quality is top-class, providing adequate and uncompromised safety and protection to the bird for an extended number of years.

Also, the large area encourages training and body exercise. The bird is offered enough room to spread its feathers and move around to aid proper digestion, preventing unnecessary weight gains or obesity.

The package comes with accessories that support mobility, safety, protection, and stability.

Ensuring the cage retains its mission of creating an ideal living environment for the bird over a long period.

We love the idea of an additional shelf, making it easy to store/keep extra accessories and food within reach for maximum convenience.


  • Comes with a spacious storage shelf
  • Removable and washable tray/grate to keep the cage clean always
  • Comes with all the necessary components to support easy assembling


  • Instructions manual is absent

If you want to get yourself a Cockatiel then you need to know some important stuffs. 


08. Prevue Hendryx 3154BLK

Highlighted Features

  • Alloy steel construction
  • Stainless steel bowls (4)
  • Wooden perches (2) and seed guards
  • Heavy-duty door lock (push button)
  • 36 x 24 x 66 inches in dimension
  • 53 pounds in weight
  • 0.75 inch Bar Spacing

The Prevue Hendryx 3154BLK keeps getting the acknowledgment and awareness it deserves from bird owners.

Most importantly, how it combines significant attributes such as comfort, stability, security, durability, stress-less installation, ease of cleaning/maintenance and many more at a reasonable price.

Asides from providing the bird with a spacious room to play and spread its feathers, which plays a massive role in the comfort & healthy lifestyle.

The importance of uncompromised safety and security can’t be swept aside.

In the real sense, there is no way the bird would live a comfortable life when it has to fight off disturbances or attempted attacks from time to time due to authorized access.

To enhance security and promote peace of mind, especially when the owner/caregiver is out of the home.

The heavy-duty door lock steps in, offering reliable security/protection when you are not physically present to watch after the bird’s welfare.

The construction material is solid enough to resist attacks from the bird, other pets, and even extreme weather conditions, offering excellent services over a long time.


  • Construction material and painting are not harmful to the bird’s health
  • Offers adequate/reliable security and safety
  • Easy to set up or put together


  • The accessories needed to achieve a complete setup may arrive in separate boxes.




Highlighted Features

  • Iron construction
  • Two (20 doorways
  • Removable tray
  • Mesh shelf for additional storage
  • 1 x 14.1 x 59.8 inches in dimension
  • 43 pounds in weight
  • 0.5 inch Bar Spacing

VIVOHOME B07T1GZP37 is a top choice for people looking to improve their bird’s well-being by providing a new home that assures adequate space for healthy living.

Also, new or intending conure owners are not left out. The conure will fall in love with the cage quickly since it provides a great atmosphere that complements or supports the bird’s lifestyle.

If you are looking for a spacious cage that doesn’t require an extensive area to position/place it. Here is a top consideration to add to the list of reliable and top-performing options.

Also, safety is a critical factor that the manufacturer rates highly. If a cage can’t provide adequate security for the conure.

It exposes it to attack/harm that could lead to life-threatening injury or premature death. Hence, there is no reason to pick it up in the first place.

In the case of VIVOHOME B07T1GZP37, all the doors come with heavy-duty locks, preventing unauthorized access into the cage and eliminating possible breakout, keeping the bird safe.


  • Sturdy/durable construction
  • Can be moved or repositioned easily and quietly
  • The bottom tray supports easy cleaning for improved health/safety
  • Appropriate wire spacing


  • Packaging quality could be optimized


10. Yaheetech B018385T6U

Highlighted Features

  • Heavy-duty metal construction
  • Two bowls (for food and water)
  • Detachable tray
  • Wooden perches (2) and bungee rope (1)
  • 3 x 25.79 x 25.79 inches in dimension
  • 37.87 Pounds in weight
  • 0.6 inch Bar Spacing

Yaheetech B018385T6U is designed to meet the expectations of every conure owner.

Especially for individuals who can’t settle for any of the expensive designs out there but want something that offers exciting feelings and comfort to their bird.

Think about the numerous essential attributes the best bird cage for conure should have or possess. Here is a design that delivers on these promises and beyond.

The assembling can be completed independently, without stress or excessive time consumption.

Not only that, all the parts that contribute to the complete setup are provided in the package.

Individuals who do not have a fixed or specific spot to place their cage, especially if you want to always have a close watch while the bird is still in its cage.

The caster wheels allow noiseless and effortless movement across the house.


  • The caster wheels support a smooth and noiseless movement
  • Offers adequate security and protection
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Designed to last over an extended period


  • The installation manual is missing



Highlighted Features

  • ‎Stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel bowls (5)
  • Removable grille and tray
  • 0.5 inch Bar Spacing
  • Industrial casters (4) and perches (2)
  • 68 x 31 x 29.5 inches in dimension
  • 47 pounds in weight

Although SUPER DEAL B07PLXPRNQ may not offer similar quality as the expensive designs on the market.

It doesn’t take away the fact that just a few designs within its price region/category can compete with it when it comes to quality.

The adequate space and accessories it offers make up an ideal living condition for your bird, ensuring it has all the facilities needed to lead a healthy and peaceful lifestyle.

Some users believe the bowls that come with the cage might be too deep, making them unsuitable for small birds.

Inspect the bowls to verify if they are a suitable size for your bird to prevent drowning or other related harms.

If these claims seem applicable, do not hesitate to get a new set of quality bowls, especially those that complement the conure’s size.

The installation is not an issue, even though the installation manual is missing in the package.


  • Lockable doors keep the birds safe and secure
  • Heavy construction assures top-level performance and longevity
  • Supports easy and efficient cleaning


  • The bowls could be too deep, depending on the bird’s size
  • Quality could be better


How To Choose Conure Birdcage

How To Choose Conure Birdcage

01. Price/Budget

Before bringing a conure home (adoption or purchase). Have a solid/precise plan regarding the home/cage it will live in.

Do not wait until the bird arrives before making arrangements regarding the type/size of cage to buy or the perfect location to position/place it.

Choose a specific amount that you can conveniently pull out of your savings or afford during the period when the purchase is planned for.

Next, search for the perfect cages (size/dimension, accessories, and durability) offered within the budget and choose one.


02. Durability/Construction

Conures are incredibly playful. They work their beaks across toys or any other accessories within the cage.

Also, there will be several instances when they would spill the water in the bowl spreading across the bars and other components that make up the cage as a unit.

Cages made from low/average quality material can’t stand the test of time.

They may require early replacement in case of damage through the bird’s actions or inability to withstand attacks from adverse climatic conditions.

If the construction is weak or inadequate, the bird can bend the bars and damage the cage in the shortest time possible, which could lead to a breakout.

Choose a design made from heavy-duty metal, stainless steel, iron, or alloy steel. Also, the exterior must be appropriately coated for added protection against rust/corrosion.


03. Space/Mobility

The cage must be wide enough to allow free/unrestricted movement and spreading of feathers, especially for a parrot that spends a lot of its time inside the enclosure.

Also, the design choice must be able to support easy and noiseless movement from one spot to another by relying on its heavy-duty caster wheels.


04. Cleaning/Maintenance

Settle for a design that supports easy cleaning to promote good hygiene and health.

Settling for a cage with a removable/detachable tray and grille assures proper cleaning. It makes it easy to reach across corners where leftovers could hide.


05. Installation

Caregivers/owners should be able to assemble the different parts together with/without assistance from anyone.

Ensure the cage comes with the components that hold it together as a unit to avoid spending more time than usual.

Also, the installation manual will make a significant difference; if it is precise/comprehensive enough.

Final Words

With eleven reliable and affordable designs to choose from, the stress and uncertainties of finding the best bird cage for conure should be an issue of the past.

Go through the brands/design individually, and check their features and attributes to detect why they would make the ideal/suitable option for your bird.