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How Much Are Senegal Parrots Cost? 2023 Price Guide

West African Senegal parrots are outstanding-natured, calm, and social birds that every pet lover will expect in their house. So, if you’ve been planning to buy a Senegal parrot, ensure you know how much are Senegal Parrots and how to properly raise the bird by giving it its basic needs.

The average cost for Senegal parrots will range from $500 to $1500 at maximum when you purchase one from a professional breeder. Besides that, other monthly expenses will cost $10 to $40 for food, shelter, health care, grooming, or the vet.

The exotic parrot species is a bit expensive, but if you can afford it, this article will guide you on how to be friendly with this calm-natured feather friend. Plus, we will share a monthly cost for your lovely bird, so we hope you will be okay after getting this African parrot.

Quick Details On Senegal Parrot

After hearing some good reviews about the parrot from the neighborhood, you’ve decided to get a Senegal parrot. But are you familiar with their nature? Should you get one? Or what to look for if you decided to purchase the Sennie parrot? Let’s introduce the bird first, then look at the actual cost.

Scientific namePoicephalus senegalus
NamesSenegal parrot, Yellow-vented parrot
BehaviorSocial, calm
SizeAround 9” to 10” (23  to 24cm)
WingspanApproximately 6”
Weight120 to 170g (4.2 to 6.0 0Z)
ColorAdult: Yellow irises, charcoal gray head, gray beak, green color throat and back, yellow rump, and underparts. Babies: Dark gray irises.
DistributionWest Africa, Central African Republic, and Northern Cameroon
Senegal parrot lifespan20 to 30 years

Are Senegal Parrots Good Pets?

are senegal parrots good pets

Senegal parrots are lovely pets with their calm and sweet voices. So, if properly raised, they can be well-socialized pets in your apartment. With the proper care, you’ll find the parrots to be affectionate, playful, and lively, and they’ll make an effort to form bonds with their owners.

Besides that, this Sennie parrot can also be viewed as an entertaining and comical pet. Therefore, this parrot is the right choice for people expecting a Sennie bird, as you can spend quality time playing with them.

Should I Get A Senegal Parrot?

Yes, it would help if you got a Senegal parrot since they are a friendlier and more lovable parrot species from West Africa. The exceptional calmness and gentle personality of Senegal birds made the birds great family pets and buddies for little kids. But they might grow frustrated or angry if they don’t get proper attention and care.

Things To Consider Before Getting A Senegal Parrot

are senegal parrots good for beginners

Are you looking for Senegal Parrot as a pet bird? Go and search by Senegal Parrot for sale near me. Or check Senegal Parrot Pros And Cons. Before that, research to understand the many facts before buying this bird.

  1. Make sure you have affordability for buying and proper caring knowledge.
  2. Check the price nearby your area. If you can adopt the bird, your buying cost will be less as the adoption cost is lower than buying from a breeder.
  3. The Sennie parrot’s monthly cost needs to be noted down.
  4. Understanding the ongoing price of this parrot species around the world is essential.
  5. Parrots of this type are suitable for apartments without any other pets.
  6. Ensure you understand the Senegal parrot’s health condition before taking it to the cage.
  7. Ensure the breeder raises the bird ideally, as it helps them become a social, friendly, well-mannered bird in the house.
  8. Take the bird out of the cage for at least one hour each day, whether on a playground or in a safe place.
  9. They will need wooden toys, perches, chewable balls, leathers, bells, or any foot toys for entertainment.
  10. Senegal birds always need the proper attention of the owner, so ensure you give time to your lovely feather friend.

How To Get A Senegal Parrot?

senegal parrot cost

Senegal parrots are famous as poicephalus species because of their intensely yellow irises and blocky heads. They might be readily available in your neighborhood or near the pet store. However, you can get his bird from different places like

  • Getting the Senegal parrot free from the neighborhood or someone looking to rehome the bird.
  • Adopting the Sennie parrot with less money from a rescue zone or adopting from an organization.
  • Senegal birds can always be found at pet stores, although expensive.
  • Purchasing the parrot from a breeder is the best affordable option.

Finding the bird for free or rehoming the parrot is luck! Besides that, since you saved a lot of bucks, you still have daily costs for your bird. On the other hand, it’s best to avoid pet stores since they take high costs.

Another good chance is parrot adoption within $250 to $500 from any local animal rescuer. The best idea is to buy the Senegal bird from the breeder, who will take approximately $800 to $4000 for the well-raised parrot. They usually charge according to their way of upkeeping.

In general, parrots require a lot of guidance and training to raise. So, no experience bird owner should learn how to care for the bird properly.

How Much Are Senegal Parrots: Price In Different Sources

how much does a senegal parrot cost

The Senegal parrot price can be selected based on the area and availability. Also, the worth of a parrot can be determined by how it is raised. Whether the bird is privately taken care of in an aviary or raised with other birds or whether they are hand fed or hand raised will also be a significant factor in setting a value.

Whether you rehome, adopt or buy a from a breeder, a Senegal parrot might cost anywhere between $200 to $1500. But you can negotiate the price by talking with them. 

Anyway, we’ve got the most recent list of current prices below. Then, we’ll look for the Sennie parrot monthly cost chart to let you know about the cost of your favorite African parrot.

Senegal Parrot Buying PlaceCost
Senegal Parrot Regular Price$500-$1500
Senegal Parrot Breeder Price$500-$4,000
Senegal Parrot For Adoption Price$200-$500
Rehoming Price$250-$450
Firm Website Price$300-$500
Pet Store Price$650 to $2,000
Handfed Parrot Price$550-$650

Based on any Senegal Parrot size and age, any store or seller will select the cost and provide a 20 to 40% discount on cages, toys, foods, or other goods. The bird owner or stores commonly have zero profit by selling the bird; therefore, they prefer to sell their bird products with a bit of profit with a discount. So, whenever you buy the bird from any store or anywhere, talk about discounts.

What Is The Monthly Cost Of Senegal Parrot Per Month?

senegal parrots price

Before the monthly cost, you’ll require an initial investment like setting up the cage, including entertainment and other necessities for the Senegal parrots. However, $20 to $40 monthly will be enough for your parrot. Here, food, vet, and entertainment costs will be included.

List Of Things To Offer Your Senegal Parrot

You might have bought the bird to see the Senegal parrot talking or whistling sweetly to refresh your mind every day in the morning. But do we know about the Senegal parrot personality? How were they raised, and what should we offer to be friendly with them? Below we have listed all the necessities for raising this bird to become a social, calm, and friendly-natured bird in the house.

Cage$150 to $250
Cage Liner$15 to $25
Cage Cover$15 to $30
Food and Water Bowls$5 to $15
Perch$15 to $20
Mirror$10 to $15
Vet Visit$200 to $300
Health care$5 to $20
Pet insurance$5 to $25
Maintaining environment (wood perches, Deodorizing spray)$5 to $25
Grooming$5 to $15
Microchipping$100 to $150
Entertainment (Toys or Perches)$20 to $40
ID Tag and Collar$10 to $15
X-Ray Cost$70 to $100
Ultrasound Cost$250 to $500
Microchip$45 to $150

Initial Setup: Location and Cage

how much is a senegal parrot

There is an initial expense for the new bird in your family. You’ll need to purchase a cage, toys, perches, and some food at the beginning when the bird first arrives. 


The Senegal parrots prefer extra space to dwell in the cage. So, bring a large cage in your house but away from temperature-changing areas such as open windows, heat vents, or near the air conditioner. Also, it would help if you avoided strong smells sides things such as perfume, food, garage fumes, fireplace smoke, or cigarette smoke.

Anyway, what’s the ideal size cage for the parrot? For one Sennie, the minimum cage dimensions are 20″ (50.8cm) long by 20″ deep and 28″ (71.12 cm) high. However, we advise a large one which might cost $150 to $500.

Cage Liner:

Removable cage liners are necessary to keep the cage clean, and they will cost $15 to $20. We include the liner and deodorizer sprays to clean up the cage odor.

Cage Cover:

Having a cage cover helps the bird to sleep by covering the cage at night. With the cage cover in place, even the temperature will be controlled. Therefore purchasing a cage cover for $15 to $30 is another vital part of keeping the bird comfortable.

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Proper Food

You may need to set aside $5 to $15 to provide food for the parrot. Birds usually adore treats and enjoy eating seeds, grains, nuts, leaf buds, vegetables, and fruits, which are excellent for high levels of vitamins and minerals. Besides that, food pallets are a great idea!

Specifically, cranberries, beans, carrots, broccoli, white millets, hemp, sesame, peppermint, canary grass, and basil can be given to your apartment Senegal parrot. And make sure you never offer them chocolates or avocados since these will cause catastrophic effects.

Remember that parrots frequently have delicate digestive systems. Consequently, give them healthy and nutrient-dense foods.

senegal parrot food

Entertainment Items

Spending valuable time with the bird can be the best part of the parrot’s entertainment. In addition, you can spend $5 to $30 each month to bring the bird a variety of toys, perches to play or softwood-made toys that will be ideal for the beak.

Usually, they become disturbed and violent, if they don’t find any toys or chewable things near the cage. So, they will require entertainment things to be playful all the time.

Health Care

Animals can suffer from health problems, so we estimate $5 to $25 for health care. You can spend the money to offer them a high-quality diet.

For maintaining a stress-free life, engaging in stimulating activities will improve mental and physical health. Plus, it will lower your spending on infrequent medication and regular vet appointments.

Medications And Vet Visits

The birds’ health depends on the way you care for them. Regular visiting the veterinarian is a good idea. When raised correctly, parrots rarely get sick. But if you neglect to visit the vet and miss out on giving proper medicines, they might suffer from sicknesses such as

  • Aspergillus.
  • Colds, infections, or parasites
  • Weight problem.
  • Feather picking.
  • Intestinal issues.
  • Diarrhea
  • Beak growth.
  • Respiratory sickness.

However, if you routinely visit the vet and give medicines accordingly, it will keep your Senegal parrot lively and calm throughout its entire life.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is a lifesaver for cutting huge costs from treatment or health issues, vet meetings, or buying medicines! So, do the pet insurance within 5 to 25 dollars, and they’ll pay for treatment or any sicknesses or harm. Also, the insurance will pay for any emergency hospital costs.


Another crucial fact is grooming for the birds. Professional breeder raises their bird by doing regular feather and nail trimming. You can also supply some fresh water in a bath bowl to let them bathe themselves.

Maintaining Environment

A calm and fresh environment is always suggested for the Sennie bird. So, keeping the environment clean with liners, wood perches, deodorizing spray, or granules is necessary. For this, keep 5 to 25 dollars aside from your pocket.


Look at the frequently asked questions below where you might get your desired question and answer about the Senegal Parrot bird.

1. Are Senegal parrots suitable for beginners?

Yes, as they have simplistic personalities, are easily trainable, and are home-bred type birds, a beginner can keep the Senegalese parrot as a feathered friend in your house. Anyone will also love their friendly behavior, and if adequately raised, parrots can stay over 30 years with you.

2. Do Senegal parrots need a friend?

Usually, Senegal parrots aren’t attracted by any other bird species or feathered buddies, but they love spending time with humans. So, as a pet owner, you can be a good friend to your Senegal parrots through regular interaction with them.

3. What’s the lifespan of a Senegal parrot?

An adequately grown Senegal parrot can live for about 20 to 30 years in nature or the wild. In captivity, they can stay around 50 years approximately.

4. What is the average cost for a Senegal parrot?

A good breeder generally expects $500 to $1500 for the common Senegal parrots from Africa. But lucky people might get it within $300 to $600 from the local pet store or by adopting the bird.

5. Are Senegal Parrots suitable for an apartment?

Yes, you can buy a Senegal parrot for your apartment, and make sure you prepare yourself to hear clucking or whistling sounds. But giving proper training can make the bird social, calm, quiet, and easy to handle the excellent talker bird.

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Finishing Lines

So, are you ready to get the Senegal parrot from $500 to $1500 on average from any good breeder? If so, make sure you pour your pocket some money for the next spending section, such as cage cost, monthly food, vet, entertainment costing, and other expenses to care for your bird correctly.

We have included the ongoing cost for the West African Senegal Parrot. Therefore, ensure you check the list, and next time you won’t have to ask how much are Senegal Parrots since we have clarified the parrot price and approximate monthly spending cost for the gentle nature bird.