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How Much Do Eclectus Parrots Cost for 2023 – Complete Price Guide

Eclectus is a colorful parrot species indigenous to parts of Oceania, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Maluku Islands, and Northeastern Australia. We become fond of the bird due to its attractive look and different characteristics, like having strong sexual dimorphism in its plumage colors.

So, before buying one, we should know how much do Eclectus Parrots cost. Or how should we keep the bird with proper care? The Eclectus parrot is rare; thus, buying one from a breeder would cost between $800 to $3,500. Purchasing one that is three to five years older would be less expensive than the younger Eclectus bird.

If you are exploring adding an Eclectus bird to your family, this article will guide you on how to get one and where to spend money for the parrot. So, ensure you don’t miss out on any part of this topic.

Should I Get An Eclectus Parrot?


Surely, feel free to get an Eclectus parrot if you can afford one. You can search by “Eclectus parrot for sale near me” to get information about the bird.

Usually, they are expensive when buying and maintaining. And to be friendly with the bird, you must take time to comprehend their nature. However, if you buy the bird, you’ll get a lot of good characteristics from this colorful parrot species bird.

  • When properly raised, Eclectus birds become social and become friendly behavior birds with intelligence.
  • The bird’s gentle attitude makes the parrot the best buddy in the house for the kids.
  • They only require little maintenance as they can take care of themselves.
  • Eclectus birds are not needy and aggressive parrots.
  • Talkative Eclectus can mimic many voices, and their genuine voice tone seems like a cute little girl talking with us.

Should I Get A Male Or Female Eclectus Parrot?

The Eclectus male birds respond more sensitively and are usually more affectionate. They must have difficulty adjusting to the noisy new family after the adoption. Generally, males are more docile and less likely to be aggressive and territorial like female birds. But both sexes of Eclectus parrots are more kind and calm than other parrots.

Characteristics And Details About Eclectus Bird

Have you researched this Eclectus bird? Did you check how to keep the bird properly? Or Have you checked the characteristics of this bird species? If not, then this section is a part that will introduce you to this parrot species.

Average Lifespan30 to 50 years
Average Weight13 to 18 ounces
NatureAffectionate, Intelligent, Social, Friendly, Talkative, and mimic voices.
Color Brilliant Green with horn color beak and dazzling red with a splash of the blue color wing in male birds, and Brilliant red with a deep purple belly and black color beak in female birds.
Lifespan30 to 40 years

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List Of Eclectus Parrot Breeders

As you have decided to get an Eclectus bird, we have enlisted the breeder’s list who can provide you with the best parrot species as a pet.

Best BreedersStates Name
Ziggy’s Avian RanchFlorida
Royal Wings AviaryIndiana
Whidbey BirdsWashington
Shady Wings AviaryOregon
Avian ParadiseNorth Carolina
Admirable BirdsAlabama
Joyce’s BirdsArizona
Avalon AviaryColorado
Erica BirdsFlorida

How Much Do Eclectus Parrots Cost – Latest Price Facts Chart

eclectus parrot price

Anywhere you find the Eclectus parrot for sale will be between $800 to $3500 from a good breeder. Whether it’s for a male Eclectus or female Eclectus parrot price, make sure you have $800 to $3500. However, if you know the bird’s value, you’ll understand why the birds are so expensive and require proper maintenance.

The average lifespan of this species is 20 to 40 years. So why not spend a long time with a pet friend like Eclectus? As you want this bird, we have the approximate price list given below based on different types and sizes of Eclectus parrots.

Eclectus Parrot TypePrice
Grand Eclectus Parrot$2,000 to $2500
Blue Eclectus Parrot Price$800 to $3500
Vosmaeri Eclectus Parrot$2500 to $3500
Solomon Island Eclectus$1500 to $3500
Blue Solomon Island Eclectus$800 to $2200
Red Eclectus Parrot Price$1000 to $3000
Purple Eclectus Parrot Price$1000 to $4000

How To Get Eclectus Parrot?

how much are eclectus parrots

North Queensland, Solomon Island, Moluccas, Papua New Guinea, and Australia have Eclectus parrots throughout the Eastern part and rainforests. But what could be the best idea to get this bird, and where can we find the bird near me?

Getting The Bird Free

If the pet owner no longer wants to keep the bird in their house, you can take the opportunity to keep the bird free. You can also check the neighborhood or see the animal shelters if they would love to adopt their Eclectus parrot. As birds often live for a long period, remember that you must pay money to keep them healthy and wealthy with proper care.

Adopting The Eclestus

The bird can alternatively be adopted from a pet owner or nearby shelter. The adoption fee will be between $100 to $400. Adopting the bird will save a good amount of bucks compared to buying a new one. Therefore, ensure you take all the necessary details and the state of health.

Purchasing From Breeder

The best option would be to buy the Eclectus parrot bird from a breeder who raises the bird with appropriate care. They can charge around $800 to $4000 because they put a lot of effort and time into training them to become social, talkative, and friendly-natured. And While getting the bird, ensure you do good research for a good breeder.

How Much Does An Eclectus Parrot Cost Per Month?

how much does an eclectus parrot cost

You should budget $300 to $800 monthly for your new Eclectus bird. Whether it’s rehoming or a bird from the store, make sure you use the money to fulfill your bird’s needs for food, shelter, health, veterinary care, entertainment, grooming, and other necessities. We have made a chart of per monthly cost for this parrot species, and we will get back to share how to spend the money.

Things To OfferCost
Cage$100 to $500
Cage Liner$5 to $20
Food$10 to $15
Flight Harness$25 to $50
Cleaning Supplies$10 to $20
Veterinary$60 (Three Times A Year)
Pet insurance$10 to $15 monthly
Changing accessories$10 to $30 monthly
Emergency Care$300 to $500
X-Ray Cost$85 to $100
Microchip$40 to $150
Nail or Feather Trimmer$10
Playground$30 to $60
Grooming and Bathing $30 to $40
Entertainment Toys$15

Start-Up Setting

Before taking the bird to your house, make a setup of the place where you would love to keep the Eclectus parrot. For the initial setup, you’ll need around $800 for the cage (One-time), entertainment items like toys and perches, food, health care, insurance, vet and medication cost, grooming, and maintenance of the environment per month.

Bird Cage

To make the Eclectus bird in your house, spend at most $100 to $200 on a large-sized cage. Also, buy a second cage for traveling purposes. Besides that, you should keep toys and perches that are necessary to make them feel better inside the cage. Therefore, $5-$30 will be enough for toys.

Even sometimes, you’ll require more space for more parrots. The American Federation Of Aviculture stated that the minimum size requirements for an Eclectus Parrot bird cage should be 4m long, 1.3m wide, and 1.8m high. Hence, know the right cage size for your bird’s convenience.

Healthy Food

Food is the most important thing for your bird’s life to keep them healthy. The way we eat good foods, you should bring healthy food for your parrot as well. All the Eclectus birds require fresh fruit and vegetables, beans, legumes, sprouts, brown rice, and a small quantity of seed as a homemade treat. However, to feed them properly, $24 to $40 will be enough for the bird.

Usually, they don’t consume much food; therefore, 1/4 to 1/2 cups of nutrient pellets per day would be enough. They love to have homemade treats rather than pre-packaged ones from the nearest pet store. So, ensure you offer them treats and the foods they love.

Entertainment Section

Living inside the cage will not always be comfortable for any bird. The same goes for Eclectus parrots, so we offer them toys and perches. You have to count $5 to $30 per month for this.

Experts in Avian Care suggest that the Eclectus parrots need at least three entertainment toys or goods, both inside and outside the box. Your feathered buddy may become bored or destructive if they want something to play with.

Therefore, you can offer to chew toys for their mental well-being. We suggest chew toys because parrots naturally love to chew objects around them. If you want to save money on something other than the entertainment section, use common objects from the house, such as ropes, wire hangers, cardboard packages of paper towels, or other items as playing objects.

Eclectus Health Care

Generally, parrots feel good when you offer them different toys and perches, and it’s also beneficial for their psychological health. Plus, they need healthy foods to remain healthy and wealthy. As a result, bird owners should keep $60 to $120 aside for their health care.

The parrot’s health care can be confirmed when you feed them well, give them treats, and take them to the vet routinely. An expert bird lover should also get poet insurance so they won’t have to spend too much on the bird’s health issue (Insurance will cover the bill).

Medications And Vet Visits

The way we get sick, birds are no exception! So, if you don’t take proper care, you will likely have sicknesses such as

  • Nutrition Deficiency illnesses brought on by any imbalanced diet.
  • Psittacine beak and feather sickness can happen, which is an immune sickness.
  • Another severe deadly infection is Polyomavirus.
  • Chances of Klebsiellosis, Staphylococcus bacteria.
  • Also, Colibacteriosis or Macrorhabdosis problems can trigger the bird.

As a result, take the parrot at least once or twice to visit the vet for a yearly checkup. And remember to keep $25 to $50 in your pocket for vet visits and medications.

Pet Insurance

What if the medication or vet charge is too high? Can you afford it for the parrot? It must be difficult for some bird owners; therefore, we suggest you have pet insurance for around $15 to $25.

By accident, your parrot can require expensive medical treatment, specialized medications, or extra vet charges. So, when you have pet insurance, the insurance policy will cover the expense of treatment and diagnosing sicknesses or injuries. Also, the insurance will cover consultation fees, medication charges, tests, x-rays, MRI or CT scans, bandages, surgeries, hospitalization, and other expenses.

Parrots Grooming

The colorful feather friend can be kept well if you spend money on their grooming. You can monthly pay $30 to $40 for their nail and feather trimming.

Since Eclectus parrots are not common birds, you should consult a veterinarian for advice on how to keep them neat and clean. Following the vet’s prescription, occasionally, you can feed them certain vitamins or medicines that will help keep them lively-natured inside the cage.

Maintaining Environment

The parrot species birds love to play with entertainment objects like toys or perches in the cage. They want a good environment inside the cage, so we suggest you spend $10 to $20 to keep it clean.

The cage’s environmental cleanliness can be assured by using cage liners. Most of the waste on the cage’s bottom can be disposed of using cage liners. And the best idea would be to wash the cage once a week with soap and hot water.

How Much Does A Baby Eclectus Parrot Cost?

Buying a young Eclectus bird is far more expensive than an adult one. However, the cost of a baby parrot from a breeder will range from $700 to $2000 based on how the breeder has raised the bird. If it’s about hybrid Vosmaer Eclectus, get $500 to $800 from the pocket.

And purchasing this bird from other regions will cost almost the same. For example, Whether it’s Eclectus Parrots cost in Australia, Solomon Island Eclectus Parrots cost, or any other country’s Eclectus.

Why Are Eclectus Parrots Expensive?

The Eclectus birds are unique and expensive due to a lot of factors. They become popular bird day by day as their nature and characteristics took the bird lover’s heart. However, the expense and demands for this parrot bird come due to facts like

  • The bright emerald green or deep red and purple plumage is really attractive.
  • Eclectus parrots are notably sexually dimorphic parrot groups which are rare.
  • According to IUCN Red Listing, The Eclectus bird’s population ranges from 7,300 to 51,000 adults.
  • The birds are charming, social, intelligent, friendly, talkative, and mimic any voices, which is quite attractive characteristics.
  • They can live more than 40 years so it will be a long journey with this parrot.

Birds have become quite expensive and demanding worldwide for all these reasons and characteristics.

Frequently Asked Questions

For more clarification, we have a Q&A section. We hope the questions and answers offer more information about the Eclectus parrot.

1. Is an Eclectus parrot a good starter bird?

The Amazon and African Eclectus parrots are super talented bird best for speaking and learning. But inexperienced pet lovers should avoid getting the bird. The bird requires proper affection and care to become a good starter bird. Therefore, you can look for Eclectus parrots from a professional breeder or rescue group.

2. What is the price of female Eclectus parrots for sale?

If you want a female Eclectus parrot, meet a breeder and make sure you plan to pay around $1,000 to $4,500. These birds have different levels of popularity, so the price is slightly high.

3. How much is Vosmaeri Eclectus’s price range?

A hybrid cross parrot made from the Vosmaer’s and Eclectus parrots that we call Eclectus Parrots. The cost of a Vosmaeri Eclectus bird will typically be around $600 to $3,000 on average.

4. What is Rehoming Price for an ‘Elderly’ Eclectus?

You may need to pay between $800 to $1600 to purchase the Eclectus parrot directly from the breeder. Or, if you wish to adopt, bring $120 to $400 at least from your pocket.

Final Words

Whenever you decide to foster the Eclectus Parrots, know how much you should spend on the bird weekly, monthly, or yearly. Also, it’s not only about how much do Eclectus Parrots cost, but rather, maintaining proper care, feeding properly, taking health care, meeting the vet, and regular grooming will make the parrot friendly with the owner.

So, keep $800 to $3500 for the Eclectus price, and remember to find a good breeder for the bird. Besides that, ensure you do the initial setup with a monthly costings list for your parrot to offer them a comfortable life in your house.