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How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost – Best Price Guide in 2023

The hyacinth macaw is a rare and endangered macaw species originally from Paraguay, Brazil, and Bolivia.

The largest representative of the macaw family, the hyacinth macaw is certainly one of the most spectacular due to its amazing color and unforgettable presence.

How easy is it to own such a macaw? It is not easy at all since this macaw is hard to get and requires a generous budget, not just for its purchase but also for its care throughout its life.

How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost?

How Much Does a Hyacinth Macaw Cost

The hyacinth macaw is hard to get, not necessarily because it is extremely expensive, but because we are talking about an endangered species.

With only 2500 to 5000 individuals left in the wild, the hyacinth macaw could disappear from the face of the earth if proper measures aren’t adopted.

Thus, as you can tell, it is possible to get a hyacinth macaw only from a breeder since capturing one from the wild is forbidden and illegal.

In very rare instances, it may be possible to get such a macaw for free. How can this be possible? Some people don’t know or realize the costs of owning such a bird.

Thus, they see themselves in the situation of having to relocate the bird because of the costs generated by such a pet.

So, before allowing yourself to be mesmerized by a hyacinth macaw, learn everything about the costs of buying and owning such a rare bird.

What is the price tag of a hyacinth macaw? Breeders sell such birds with price tags ranging between $5,000 to $12,000 on average.

What influences the final price of the bird? Price tags may differ based on the age of the bird and how used the bird is to human contact.

For instance, younger birds are usually more accessible, while mature and more tame birds have a higher price tag. It takes time, patience, and effort to tame and train a macaw.

In extremely rare cases you could find the opportunity to adopt a blue macaw for a more reasonable price.

This is only possible if wild bird rescues end up with an unwanted hyacinth macaw in their care. Again, these are very rare occasions.

Hyacinth Macaw Prices Chart

  • Free hyacinth macaw: Only if you meet a blue macaw owner that doesn’t wish to keep the bird any longer;
  • Purchasing a hyacinth macaw from a breeder: More than $10,000 purchase price;
  • Adopting a hyacinth macaw from a rescue: About $600 on average;

Other aspects to consider:

  • Offers regarding a blue macaw that sound too good to be true are probably a scam;
  • It is illegal to capture hyacinth macaw from their natural habitat, so pay attention to who you’re buying;
  • Buying a hyacinth macaw from a poacher may get you fines due to illegally owning an endangered species of bird;
  • Always check the breeder selling a blue macaw to avoid fines and legal issues;

How Much is a Hyacinth Macaw Owning Cost

Hyacinth macaws are expensive to own due to several reasons. First of all, they are large birds. A full-grown hyacinth macaw male can reach 40 inches in length.

As you can tell, such a large bird requires a very large birdcage and lots of food. Besides this, a hyacinth macaw needs toys on a regular basis since it enjoys nibbling onto things and doing all sorts of activities.

Besides supporting the price tag of the bird, you will also need to take care of installment expenses.

This means buying a suitable cage, having the bird shipped to your house, buying toys, perches, lights, bowls for food and water, and even a special harness for large birds.

The purchases for initial supplies and setup will get you spending anywhere between $1,500 and $3,900 on average.

How much does it cost, per month, to care for a hyacinth macaw? The monthly costs of caring for the birds range between $120 and $520.

These costs include health care, food, grooming (clipping the beak, nails, and wings), vet visits, pet insurance, toys, and cleaning and maintenance of the cage/living environment (cage liners and cleaners).

Per year, all of these expenses mean additional costs of $1440 up to $6240, supported by your budget.

Again, these costs are additional, besides having to pay for the bird and besides the expenses generated by the initial setup.

A hyacinth macaw is a beautiful bird to have, but it is not a bird suitable for anyone. They require a lot of space, and plenty of care and attention, which, inevitably, will generate costs.

Knowing these costs will help you decide whether having a blue macaw is something you can sustain in the long term.

Bear in mind that these birds can live more than 30 years. If well cared for, a hyacinth macaw can live up to 60 years.

Hyacinth Macaw Price in USA

In the USA, the price of a hyacinth macaw can easily exceed on average $10,000. Don’t be surprised if you find these rare macaws on sale for as much as $40,000 on average.

Without a doubt, we are talking about a bird that is only for true enthusiasts and for those who are not afraid to spend money on their hobbies.

The rarer and harder it is to find something, the more expensive it will get. The same rule can be applied in the case of a hyacinth macaw.

01. Blue Hyacinth Macaw Price

Hyacinth macaws are mostly sought after because of their color. Their blue feathers and yellow cheeks are the distinct characteristics of the blue hyacinth macaw.

They are on the top list of bird enthusiasts but are also on the top of IUCN’s list of endangered species.

With prices ranging from $6000 to $40,000 on average, we are talking about the most expensive birds in the world.

Pay attention to “irresistible” offers regarding these macaws because they can be expensive scams.

02. Purple Hyacinth Macaw Price

A purple hyacinth macaw is not a separate species or variety. Hyacinth macaws can display hues of purple in certain light conditions.

Their feathers are a mixture of deep blue and purple hues, which can appear more intense in some circumstances.

A more intense purple color of the bird’s feathers can only be obtained by an experienced breeder, which can breed varieties displaying more purple in their feathers.

If you wish to have a purple hyacinth macaw, you need to be prepared to pay several thousands of dollars because we are talking about a rare and unique color.

03. Red Hyacinth Macaw Price

The unicity of the hyacinth macaw lies in its beautiful blue feathers. Thus, you won’t find a red hyacinth macaw.

The macaw family is composed of several macaws, each with its particularity. In case you want a red macaw, it is possible to find the Scarlet macaw, a close relative of the hyacinth macaw.

Scarlet macaws are a bit more accessible in terms of price, with prices ranging between $2000 and $3000.

They are also a bit smaller and easier to find. If you want to spend less on a macaw, it may be worth considering this option.

Where Can I Buy a Hyacinth Macaw?

Where Can I Buy a Hyacinth Macaw

It is not an easy task to find a hyacinth macaw for sale. They definitely can’t be found in regular pet stores since they have a rather hard-to-reach price tag.

They are also not bred by novices, considering the high maintenance costs and the fact that they are not easy to breed.

It takes up to 7 years for a young hyacinth macaw to be ready for breeding. Also, many blue macaws are in breeding programs meant to restore the species to the wild.

Getting one as a pet takes time and patience. When finding information about a hyacinth macaw for sale, check the ad carefully.

Because of the high selling prices of this bird, scammers will try to find naive people ready to pay the price for the promise of getting a bird.

Breeders with a good reputation are the only certain source when it comes to buying a healthy, genuine hyacinth macaw.

What Do Hyacinth Macaws Eat?

Hyacinth macaws have a special diet in their natural habitat.

Compared to other types of macaws, these birds eat foods high in fat. In their natural environment, they pick the nuts of two types of palm trees.

These nuts are hard to find, so you will need adequate substitutes. High-quality pellets created for macaws, but also nuts like macadamia and brazil nuts, cashews, and coconut are great options.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are also part of the diet of this macaw.

Let us not forget that we are talking about large birds, which means that they will need to eat a lot during the day.

This is why the costs of having such a bird are so high. A proper diet is a key to keeping the macaw healthy, considering that vet visits and treatments can be quite expensive.

Hyacinth Macaw Diet

The diet of hyacinth macaws should be composed of foods rich in fats and carbohydrates. This is why nuts are the main type of food consumed by hyacinth macaws in the wild.

They have strong beaks that can break the hard shell of nuts, even breaking open a coconut. Still, they managed to find a way to get their nuts easier.

A fun fact is that hyacinth macaws learned that cow manure might contain seeds. So, the birds living in their natural habitat will often scout pastures for manure.

The nuts can’t be digested by the cows but are easier to open by the macaws since the hard shell has been partially digested.

In captivity, macaws require plenty of nuts on a daily basis, but also fresh fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

The market even offers a variety of pellets specially created for hyacinth macaws.

These pellets can be used to enrich the macaw’s diet and make sure they have everything needed to lead a healthy life.

Hyacinth Macaw Food Price

Nuts don’t come cheap and when you have a hyacinth macaw, you will need quite a few on a monthly basis.

Buy only high-quality, fresh, raw nuts to feed your macaw. Never give roasted and salted nuts to the bird.

Besides raw nuts, the diet of a hyacinth macaw needs to be enriched with coconut, various fruits, leafy greens, and veggies.

Again, all of them need to be served fresh. This can mean you’re going to shop for groceries quite often.

To this, you can add special pellets, created especially to suit the diet of these birds.

How much will it cost to buy food for a hyacinth macaw? You can end up spending between $40 and $60 per month buying food for your macaw.

This sum can vary based on the fruits and veggies you buy, whether they are in season or are imported.

Regardless of the time of year, hyacinth macaws need the same type of food all the time. And paying attention to their diets saves the owner from expensive vet bills.

How To Find a Hyacinth Macaw For Adoption

Before you start searching for a hyacinth macaw that is up for adoption, it is worth knowing that these birds are rarely found this way.

Animal welfare foundations or rescues may launch adoption offers, but the chance for this to happen is quite slim.

Not everybody desiring such a large bird is also capable of caring for it right. These birds need generous living spaces and plenty of food and could be destructive if untrained or left unattended.

They can be a huge responsibility, which explains why some end up in rescue facilities.

You may keep an eye on local and nearby rescue centers and wildlife foundations that care for rescued animals and birds, with the hope that a hyacinth macaw will be put up for adoption.

In even rarer instances, the owner of such a bird may try to relocate it because he or she has difficulties in caring for the bird.

Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Cage & Accessories Price

Hyacinth Macaw Parrot Cage & Accessories Price

The hyacinth macaw needs a large cage capable of accommodating its large size. It’s total length from the top of the tail to head can be reached almost 40 inches.

When spread, its wings can measure 4 feet. Its body weight can range between 2.6 and 3.7 pounds. In conclusion, it is a rather large bird, the biggest of its kind.

Because of this, it requires an aviary, more than a cage. You can expect to pay anything between $1000 and $3000 on average for a cage, but do be prepared to pay more to get sufficient room for the bird.

Exercising is a must for a hyacinth macaw, so it needs to be somewhere where it can spread its wings and fly freely for at least one or two hours per day.

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Super Bird Creations

This is why a small cage is not a good option. Also, it needs to be taken out of the enclosure and placed in a safe environment where it can enjoy physical exercise.

  • Toys for macaws range between $50 and $60 average per month; this will be a periodic expense since hyacinth macaws will eventually destroy their toys and will need new ones to stay busy;
  • If you need to add perches to the cage or aviary, you’ll end up spending between average $15 and $65 for each perch purchased;
  • Cage light may also be necessary, which costs average between $80 and $140;
  • Cleaning of the cage is required, which means you need to spend on cleaners, about $8, and cage liners, about $20 on average;
  • Adequate water and food bowls for the macaw will cost approximately on average $10;
  • If you want to take your macaw outside, you’ll need a flight harness, which costs around $35;
  • And if you wish to travel with your bird, you’ll need a special cage that will generate costs around $200 average.

People Also Ask For

How many Hyacinth Macaws are left 2023?

As the calendar turns to 2023, the population of the majestic Hyacinth Macaw stands delicately balanced. With roughly 3,000 to 5,000 individuals remaining, these azure-feathered wonders remind us of the urgent need to protect their habitat and ensure their vibrant legacy soars unhindered through the skies of time.

What is the world’s largest macaw?

Meet the magnificent Hyacinth Macaw, a true avian titan renowned for its imposing size and stunning cobalt plumage. With wings that span up to 4 feet, this regal beauty commands both the skies and our admiration as the grandest of all macaws, a living embodiment of nature’s splendor.

How many blue macaw are left?

As of now, the count of blue macaws, particularly the Spix’s Macaw, hovers critically low with only a handful left in the wild. With dedicated conservation efforts, there’s a collective drive to ensure this striking species regains its foothold, proving that even in the face of adversity, the brilliance of blue can still grace our skies.

Can hyacinth macaws talk?

Hyacinth Macaws do possess the ability to mimic some human speech and sounds. Their vocal repertoire might be more limited, but their majestic presence and vibrant personalities often steal the show, captivating hearts with their visual and auditory brilliance.

Are hyacinth macaws friendly?

Hyacinth Macaws, with their striking appearance and gentle disposition, can indeed form strong bonds with humans. While each individual has a unique temperament, their innate curiosity, and capacity for connection often make them open to forging friendships that mirror the depth of the skies they call home.

Do hyacinth macaws bite?

Hyacinth Macaws, like any intelligent and expressive creature, might resort to biting when provoked or feeling threatened. However, their naturally gentle demeanor and tendency to form close bonds often outweigh their inclination for biting. Patience, respect, and understanding of their cues can usually prevent the need for these regal birds to bare their beaks.


Without a doubt, the hyacinth macaw is a majestic bird. But, at the same time, it is not a bird suitable for everyone.

It can generate costs of thousands of dollars a month, just for food and maintenance, leaving vet visits and bills on the side.

Let alone the price of such a bird and the difficulty of finding one for sale.

Hyacinth macaws are an unforgettable apparition that requires a lot of effort from its owner, both in time and resources.

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