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How To Attract Parrots? 7 Easy Simple Secret Ways to Know

Parrots are warm-blood vertebrates that can be raised to become social, friendly, and intelligent feather buddies. Good facilities in your garden or balcony can attract even the city or wild parakeets roaming around your yard. But how to attract parrots? 

It’s easy to attract new birds like parrots to your backyard. So, if you want to give your helping hand to nature’s free birds, feel free to offer them shelter, food, and water, and make your garden or balcony organized with a realistic outlook. Or, for a bird’s refreshment and to attract them, give the things a parrot should love.

Generally, parrots would love to visit your yard, particularly for food, and prefer safety in your yard. Therefore, you must check the entire article for more details on what to offer and avoid attracting parrots from the outside.

What Things Attract Parrots?

how to attract parrots to your yard

Parrots are charming birds with colorful feathers, good personalities, social behavior, and other alluring characteristics. So, who doesn’t love to have this beautiful bird flying around the yard and trying to be friendly with you? But do you know what things parrot love the most and get attracted to?

  • Parrots would love to stay where they find the utmost safety with living facilities like food, water, and a resting zone.
  • Parakeet birds and other birds are generally attracted to parrot feeders.
  • They would adore visiting the home’s yard or balcony to rest or sleep at night, so the places should be kept free.
  • This bird enjoys eating from fruit trees or large plates with tropical fruits, including mangoes, bananas, papayas, oranges, and melons.
  • Additionally, providing the parrots with foods such as seeds, jellies, nuts, berries, or mealworms will draw their attention every time.
  • If you see any outside birds near the yard, they’ll be attracted if you offer facilities like water, food, treats, and shelter or make the place visitable.

How To Attract Parrots – Ideas To Follow 

how to attract birds to your garden

Normally, you may attract birds by meeting their basic needs, such as food, shelter, water, and other necessities. Therefore, offering an environment that meets the parrot’s basic needs is important!

The major fact is you have to set up whatever according to their physiological needs for survival. However, some excellent advice is waiting below to draw the attention of mon parakeet or any other birds trying to be around your house.

Make A Feeding Station

Remember, “It’s always considered a good deed for every act of kindness done to a living animal.” Suppose you have a garden where you notice parrots often coming to look for food or other basic needs. However, if you want to help the wild animals, how can you attract the bird on the balcony or garden? 

The majority of parrots species are either frugivorous or may be granivorous. You can therefore set up a feeding station that outside birds love to visit for food. You can stock fat balls, seeds, fruits, peanuts, water, or parrot foods

Everything will be available on the large platform so the birds may quickly flock together and rest there after eating. The Best idea would be to make the feeding station around two to four meters from the fence.

Encourage Making Nest House

Birds always consider safety when deciding where to build the nest. So, nesting sites to attract wild birds in your house is another great idea. 

Usually, some parrots will feel safe and comfortable in a good-sized nesting box where you might only require dead trees and snags. But there is a possibility of boxes being taken away by other birds or animals, so any backyard birders must be active to preserve the nest box for parrots.

Parrots don’t love to have birdhouses; rather, they prefer making their own nest. As a result, you can give them items such as:

  • Dead flower weed fluff
  • Trimmings of grass
  • pile or mound of any wooden material
  • Twigs
  • Spider webbing
  • Plant fibers
  • Feathers
  • Pet hair
  • Yarn
  • String.

Or, you can create the nesting box by following the instructions below to attract the parrot in your yard like a professional bird owner.

  1. Place a sizable box big enough for the parrot.
  2. Fill the parrot’s box outside with grass or other materials to attract them.
  3. Ensure the box is placed near a window or balcony where they can reach effortlessly.

Proper Shelter

Due to having the flexibility to tropical climes, parrots will seek refuge or shelter in a large evergreen tree or near tropical plants. Giving the bird a suitable shelter is a good deal to draw their attention and keep them safe from outside threats.

Based on the species or type of bird, the feathered friend will always be happy to have a birdhouse for shelter. Whether it’s parrots, sparrows, cockatoos, bluebirds, chickadees, or any bird, they would love to have any secure place for rest or sleep. But what size is preferred for building the house to meet their needs?

  • A 4/6 and a 5-inch foundation can be used for small birds to make an 8-inch parrot house.
  • A 24-inch tall with a 10/10-inch base is ideal for making a large house.
  • Ensure you set the shelter high to attract them to your yard.
  • Since they enjoy fruits, planting fruit trees and building a house nearby will surely attract the wild parrots who were trying to be your friend.

Offer Them Healthy Foods

parrot healthy food

Any visitor bird on your property will look for two fundamental needs: food and water. Therefore, if you want them to be your friend, offering them some healthy foods rather than inexpensive foods can attract them. But how should we feed them?

  1. A bird feeder is a great option regarding the size of any bird, such as parrots.
  2. Placing fresh, shallow food dishes will be another excellent idea since wild birds love to eat from any secure source. Alternatively, a tray feeder can also feed the parrots to attract them to your house window.
  3. Parrots, in particular, enjoy chewing things. So, it will be easy to draw their attention if you hang fruits or natural treats by adding natural twine on your balcony or in a high tree.

But what are the foods we should offer our outside parakeet? Let’s see what they love to eat!

  • To attract birds to your yard, offering birdseed, seed mixes, or seed cakes is best. You should spread seeds for the birds, or they will fly away if they discover an empty yard with no food. However, safflower or sunflower seed black oil are the best seeds to feed parrots. Or hemp, canary, chia, and perilla seeds are not bad.
  • Giving nuts like almonds, walnut, pecan, pine, cashew, macadamia, peanuts, Brazil nuts, pistachios, or hazelnuts are the favorite food of parrots. 
  • Parrots love to try tropical fruits, so include some in the feeding station. Any songbird species, including parrots, cardinals, chickadees, grosbeaks, and bluejays, will be fond of fresh fruits. As a result, offer them mangoes, bananas, apples, nectarines, berries, papayas, oranges, or melons.
  • Including veggies and chillier in the feeding station might also attract the birds.
  • Cooked grains like oatmeal, wheat or wheat bread, brown rice, barley, pasta, rye, spelled, or cereals can be provided sometimes.
  • Beans (cooked) such as lentils, chickpeas, and green or black beans are also delicious to them.
  • Suet pellets and mealworms can change the bird’s mind to always be in your yard.

However, we have a list of the food you should offer and things you should avoid including at the parrot’s feeding station to attract them.

Foods To Offer Foods To Avoid
Fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, grains, mixed seeds, chilies, suet pellets, natural treats, mealworms, or water. Avoid feeding all human meals, junk foods, and vegetables like rhubarb, avocado, onion, tomato, and garlic, as well as foods with high sugar or salt such as chips, chocolates, candy, or cakes.

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Choosing The Feeder Location

parrot feeder outdoor

We already shared what to offer and How to attract parrots to your garden. But what should we consider the ideal location for the feeder?

Different bird species have different behavior near the feeder. Therefore, if you intend to keep the parrot as a pet, you can share the feeders in a different location. Parrots can live anywhere with a feeder, but other species of birds, like the cardinal, are known to be quite shy and require natural shelter. As a result, you need several feeders at various places.

However, the best location would be close to a bush or shrub that can also protect the bird. Never forget to raise the feeder in a high place from the ground so that any predators like cats and dogs cannot hunt the parakeet.

Placing feeders at least 3 and 4 feet apart will greatly reduce the territorial behavior of parrots. These distances will give them extra space to rest and sleep, so the bird would love to visit your house frequently and might become a good yard friend.

Water Is A Must For Drinking And Bathing

what do parrots eat and drink

Parrots can fly around 30 miles high and usually fly a lot during the day. Therefore, the parakeet or any other bird species expects water alongside their food to satisfy their thirst after eating in your yard. 

So, it’s suggested to have a waterer, clean water bowl, ground birdbaths, or a low basin in the yard close to the feeding station. Alternatively, a water bath next to the seed can attract the bird! Besides that, you should also consider some other facts, such as

  • The bath should not be deeper than 2 and 3 inches. The splash rhythms and glitter of running water from the birdbath fountain will draw more attention to the wild parrots in your backyard.
  • Select a shallow bowl to ensure half of the parrot’s body is underwater.
  • Additionally, the bottom of the bowl can be lined with stones, and the little bowl will be okay in that case.
  • Always pick a shaded area because direct sunshine might make the water heated, which is uncomfortable.
  • And keep the water clean for the parrot’s bathing.

Add Some Plants

how to attract wild parrots

Tropical plants should be planted as a shelter, food, or resting place to attract the parrot bird. Fruits trees are what we suggest as they will also be the source of food. Parrots may gather in your house for food or shelter when having plants in the yard. 

However, you can have tropical plants close to the balcony or garden. Any other plants, like small plants or pot trees, will be amazing near the balcony to attract the bird.

Generally speaking, plants are more eye-catching food than seed bowls when flown over from a distance. Thus, some native plants with colors that resemble natural food should be planted. However, if you want to know how to attract monk parakeets, get all the trees mentioned below.

  • Maypop
  • Hardy ferns
  • Jelly palm
  • Fig trees 
  • Banana tree
  • Elephant ears.

Unique Insights into Parrot Behavior

Recent studies have shown that urban parrots have adapted their behaviors due to the changing environment. For instance, some parrots have altered their feeding times to avoid peak human activity, while others have developed a preference for certain city trees.

Catering to Parrots’ Basic Needs

Beyond food, parrots have other essential needs


Parrots prefer areas where they feel safe from predators. Dense trees, especially those with broad leaves, are ideal. If you’re looking to buy or build birdhouses, ensure they have ample space and are placed at a height.


Clean water is crucial. Parrots not only drink it but love to bathe. Consider setting up a bird bath with fresh water, changed daily. In hotter climates, ensure the water is in a shaded area.

how to attract parrots to your balcony


You can attract your house parrot or even the wild parrot just by following the given tips. However, if you check out the Q&A part, you’ll have more ideas about being friendly with parakeet birds.

How to attract monk parakeets?

Monk parakeets can be attracted to foodstuff like fruits and fresh treats hung with natural or genuine twines, as well as water, shelter, appealing green spaces such as garden yards, and most significantly, bird feeders attract them the most. The black oil of sunflower and safflower seeds are also a favorite part of monk parakeet. And they always get attracted to the large trees that are safe. 

How do you gain a parrot’s trust?

Following some tips can help you to become a friendly person to parrots.
1. Spend your time with the bird near the cage.
2. Keep patience to teach or understand the parrot.
3. Play with the bird.
4. Socialize with your parrot.
5. Keep the soft speech in front of your bird.
6. Offer bird’s favorite food and treats for parrots.
7. Give them toys and perches.

What makes parrots happy?

Long spaces make the parrots happy. Therefore, if the parrots are inside the cage, ensure it is large enough to let them move around. For entertainment, include toys, perches, and food dishes to make the bird happy. You’ll notice they’re talking, whistling, or singing if they feel happy.

How to attract parrots to your home?

Offer them foods such as fruits, seeds, nuts, treats, water, and other daily needs of birds to attract them to your house. Having a refreshment space or feeding station is a good idea.

How can I attract birds to my feeding station?

Attracting the birds to the feeding stations can be successful if you follow the ideas.
1. Always follow up on your visitors.
2. Present different types of food.
3. Add some water near the food station.
4. Treats can be hung from the trees or balcony.
5. Around feeders, plants can work as a shelter for the birds.
6. Keep a four-season residence.
7. Leave some garden dirt or debris during the winter season.


If you love birds and want to attract wild parrots from outside can be much easier by following the how to attract parrots tips that are given above. Be friendly with the visitor from the sky and offer them a feeding station with food and other basic needs such as shelter or water.

While trying to impress the parrots, ensure your yard has various plants and a good environment near the balcony or in high trees, as birds feel safe from predators in a high place from the ground. In that way, you can attract the parrots to visit your house frequently to make a nest and breed and become your pet friend.