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How To Sell Your Macaw? 3 Effective and Easy Steps to Do It Like A Pro

Selling your Macaw can be a quick and painful process. However, many macaw owners get confused when selling their bird, especially if it’s their first time selling one. 

So to escape the confusion and sell a Macaw quickly, easily, and safely, one must take these 3 simple steps:

  • Create a lucrative advertisement
  • Search for potential buyers
  • Complete the transaction

If you are eager to sell your Macaw quickly, read the following article thoroughly as we explain the 3 steps on How To Sell Your Macaw in detail.

Step#1 Create A Lucrative Advertisement

Create A Lucrative Advertisement

It’s no surprise that the secret to selling your Macaw is the same as marketing any other product in the world: make a great ad. Consequently, there are a few requirements for making an effective advertisement:

i) Get some great photos and videos of your Macaw.

This is the best way to give potential buyers a complete picture of the bird’s physical characteristics. Make sure the bird’s face and any other identifying features are visible in the photo.

Use a high-quality camera to get the best-quality shots. Make sure the bird you’re offering is the only one in the photos and videos. Low-quality, blurry images should be left out.

ii) Add details of your Macaws’ breed, age, sex, etc.

In particular, breeders will find this data to be valuable. However, if you are unsure, your avian veterinarian can give you a more accurate estimate of your parrot’s age.

Put “gender/breed unknown” if you don’t know what sex your Macaw is. Always stress that the Macaw is still very young and will need special attention throughout its life if you are selling a baby Macaw.

iii) Give a proper description of your Macaw’s habits and characteristics.

You must specify in your listing whether you are selling your parrot because it has been acting out or because of constant screaming and screeching (which is very typical of macaws).

 As a result, potential pet owners can find out if your Macaw suits them.

iv) Charge the right price 

If you’re not sure how much to ask, you might check online to see how much similar birds are going for. Then, you can use this to estimate the market price.

Consider setting a higher price if your bird is a pure breed or does any exceptional tricks. 

Macaws are quite breed-specific when it comes to cost. The typical price range for macaws is between $1000 to $18000.

Step#2 Search For Potential Buyers

The second step comes, which identifies the right buyers for your Macaw. This is an important step because you should not sell your bird to just anyone (even if they are offering a good price) you can find since not every person can properly take care of exotic birds such as macaws. 

So following are the several ways you can potentially find the ‘right’ buyer for your Macaw:

i) Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are an amazing place to find potential buyers, as many passionate bird communities worldwide exist. With some research, you may also find Fb groups based on your local area.

On your Facebook page’s search bar, type in keywords such as Macaw’s….(your local area) or Macaw lovers…..(your local area). To be more general, you can also search Bird Lovers….. ( your local area).

 Then join all of those groups and post your advertisements. Macaw being an exotic bird, it will not take time to find tens if not hundreds of buyers in your DM.

ii) Get in touch with local avian veterinarians to see if they know anyone looking to adopt a Macaw:

Get in touch with local avian veterinarians to see if they know anyone looking to adopt a Macaw

Get in touch with local avian veterinarians to see if they know anyone looking to adopt a Macaw. If you want to sell your Macaw, contact local or online avian vets and let them know you have one (or more) for sale.

Find out if any members of your local bird club are interested in purchasing a bird.

All the members have a common interest in birds and are more likely to provide proper care for your pet. 

Find the contact information for your local bird club coordinator online and see if they know of anyone who wishes to adopt a bird/Macaw. 

Furthermore, you can visit your local bird club during club activities with your Macaw and showcase your pet.

iii) Contact a conservation society if your bird is endangered:

If you think your bird may be in danger, you should get in touch with a conservation group. 

Your bird must be well maintained and bred with other birds of the same breed because every bird, including your pet, deserves proper care. 

Moreover, you can also get in touch with local wildlife groups to see if they will buy your bird from you.

iv) Ask your loved ones and friends whether they would be interested in owning a pet bird:

You may rest assured that your bird will receive the best possible care from the start. To promote to your closest friends and relatives, you can send out a mass email or contact them one by one.

Try asking if anyone you know would be interested in adopting a bird if no one in your family or close friends is willing to buy the Macaw.

Step#3 Finalize The Deal

After you have found the ‘right’ buyer for your bird, you must take some precautions before you handover your Macaw to another person:

i) Confirm the buyer’s ability to provide proper care for the bird by meeting them in person. 

Confirm whether or not the bird will be properly sheltered, fed, and entertained. You should also find out if they have other pets, as these could endanger the bird. 

If the purchaser has a cat or dog and you’re worried about it sneaking up on the bird, you may ask whether or not the cat is properly tamed and calm.

Again, It would put your mind at ease to see the birdcage in person, so you could always drop by the buyer’s house.

ii) Get the buyer to agree to a contract outlining your conditions for keeping the bird. 

Get the buyer to agree to a contract outlining your conditions for keeping the bird

The new buyer will more likely provide the same care for the bird if you do this. Add terms to the contract like “bird must be housed with other birds” or “the bird has to be only fed with nuts” if that’s your wish. 

A signed contract copy should be kept for your records, while the original should be given to the buyer. You might also find or make your pet adoption contract online.


Macaws are often regarded as having one of the most endearing personalities and the best talking abilities of any pet parrot. However, people sometimes have to let go of their beloved pets and sell them.

Hence, we have covered all the details on How To Sell Your Macaw so that it becomes clear for people like you to take the right steps, that is, if you are really determined to sell your Macaw.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Macaws Worth?

Your Macaw’s price tag will vary with the species you choose. You should investigate the several kinds of Macaws sold as pets to find out the market price for your Macaw. 

Generally, you should estimate receiving between $1,000 to $18,000 for your Macaw.

 What Is The Cheapest Macaw To Sell?

Scarlet Macaws can be sold for anywhere between $2,000 to over $4,000, with the full range depending on the bird’s breeder, its level of vividness, and whether or not it was hand-raised. 

 What Is The Most Expensive Macaw To Sell?

These South American birds are among the world’s most striking animals, with brilliant blue feathers and bright yellow facial markings.

Additionally, they also happen to be the world’s largest flying parrot. Both of these factors contribute to a high asking price, which can reach up to $40,000.

Do Macaws Remember Their Owners?

Definitely, and macaws in particular. Since parrots are the only birds known to navigate solely by memory, their memories must be exceptional.

But in general, macaws may remember the behaviors of their prior owners and mimic such traits in themselves, such as shyness or aggression.

What Age Can Macaws Be Sold?

To ensure a positive experience for both the macaws and their new families, most breeders only sell Macaws when they are between 12 and 20 weeks old.

Can I Make Money Buying And Selling Macaws?

Yes. Selling Macaws can be a lucrative business venture. It’s common for part-time breeders to bring in between $1,000 and $2,000 monthly.

You can make a comfortable living yearly if you go into breeding, wholesaling, or distributing. Nonetheless, passion for birds and commitment are essential for this type of business.

Where Do Pet Stores Source Their Macaw’s Form? 

Large-scale breeders, also known as “mills,” are the typical source of Macaws sold by pet stores. They are usually displayed in the shop on a contract.

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