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7 Top Quaker Parrot Pricing in 2023 – Must Know Before You Buy

Colorful parrots intrigue the majority of bird lovers. The art of color mutation is aimed at producing more desirable birds.

People love to possess rare things. Thus, the rarer the color of a Quaker parrot, the more expensive it is. Apart from color, other factors also affect their prices.

The prices of different colors of Quaker parrots, the cost of maintenance, and other important information are all discussed in this post.

How Much are Quaker Parrots?

Before buying a Quaker parrot, it is important to put a few things into consideration.

Firstly, is it legal in your country to keep them as pets? If the answer is positive, then you may go ahead with buying them.

The price of Quaker parrots varies. The factors responsible for this variation include; age, color, breeder, demand, etc.

On Average, the price range of these parrots is between 250 to 1600 dollars. But you may get them for a lesser price if you’re buying them from a hand.

That is someone that decided to stop raising the parrot for a reason or two. If you’re getting them cheaper, ensure they are healthy before paying.

Learn About Quaker Parrot Pricing

Learn About Quaker Parrot Pricing

Types of Quaker Parrots with Price

Quaker parrots are mostly categorized based on their color. Some colors are very rare to come across. The rarer the color of the parrot is, the costlier it is.

01. Green

The natural and most common color of the Quaker parrot is green. Other colors are produced through color mutation.

The green color is the most inexpensive among other colors of the parrot. The price range of a green Quaker parrot is between 250 and 550 dollars.

However, this is not foolproof. Some stores, especially the local stores, sell the parrot for a lesser price. However, ensure all is well with the parrot before buying it.

02. Blue

The blue Quaker parrot is the most common color mutation. Getting the blue color of a Quaker parrot is almost as easy as getting the green one.

Therefore, it is the most inexpensive color mutation as well. On average, it is sold for about 400-500 dollars.

But it can be sold for a higher price depending on the rarity and demand for it as when you’re buying them.

However, some shades of blue are more expensive. Let’s take the Para blue for instance.

The Para blue is sold between the price range of 700 and 1200 dollars. That’s a lot.

03. Cinnamon

Unlike the blue, yellow, pied, and some other Quaker parrot that is produced through autosomal recessive mutation.

The Cinnamon color of this parrot is produced through sex-linked recessive mutation. The cinnamon is likened to a brown color.

This color is very troublesome to find. On top of this, this color mutation is very expensive to acquire.

The price of this breed is usually above 600-650 dollars on average.

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04. Yellow

At least buying a yellow Quaker parrot will cost on average 650-700 dollars. You may have to put in a lot of thought before buying a yellow Quaker parrot.

You may keep wondering and asking a few questions. “Why should I buy a yellow color mutation when I can just buy the blue or the green one for a lesser price?”

Rare things are preferred by people and it gives us a feeling of sense. Therefore, this color is worth every penny spent to buy it because of its rarity.

05. Pearl

The Pearl Quaker parrot can be mistaken for yellow or pied. But it is a different breed.

It is among the most expensive. On average, the price ranges average from 650-750 dollars and upward.

06. Pied

Many people confuse pied with the yellow Quaker parrot. However, they are not the same. The yellowish color is the pied color mutation is fainter.

Also, there are patches of green and grey on the pied. And the color is not uniform. Pied is more difficult to find than yellow and it is more expensive.

However, this bird type is a beauty to behold and it is admired by many. The price of this parrot is similar to other color mutations.

It is in the range of 600 dollars to 1000 dollars. But it also varies depending on several factors.

07. Albino

It is not very common to find an Albino Quaker parrot. This is to emphasize how rare they are. But they are still easier to find compared to the white ones.

However, you can find them in some stores, especially the reputable ones. The price range for albino Quaker parrots is between 800 and 1100 dollars.

You will still have to pay for feeding, housing, and other expenses. So, if you don’t have the financial means to get such a huge amount of money, it may be better to stay off Albino parrots.

But if you’re very insistent, you can buy the one that is put up for adoption at a lesser price.

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How Much Are Blue Quaker Parrots

The color mutations of Quaker parrots are preferred by many. But the cost of acquiring them is usually a turn-off.

The blue Quaker parrot is less costly, beautiful, and a desirable color mutation. They cost about 400-500 dollars each.

This is a much lesser price compared to the rest. Other color mutations cost about 700-1200 dollars. Some even cost more.

Adopting them costs even less; it costs about 250 dollars or even less. The beautiful thing is that they are very easy to find. Most parrot stores will have them.

Important Factors for Quaker Parrot Pricing

01. How The Baby Was Raised

Hand-raised Quaker parrots are less expensive than those raised by breeders. A hand-raised Quaker parrot costs between 100 and 250 dollars.

Before buying a hand-raised parrot, ensure that the parrot is properly brought up.

Poorly raised parrots may develop a tyrant personality. If the parrot is very rare to find in your area, get a hand-raised one.

02. The Professionalism of The Breeder

Quaker parrots obtained from professional breeders tend to cost more than the parrot raised by ordinary people or non-professionals. However, they are more reliable and healthy.

Professional breeders ensure the parrot is genetically pure and has a good breeding line. There are many benefits of buying from a professional breeder.

03. Genetical Purity

There have been reports that parrots can interbreed with other parrots in their family.

Crossbreeding results in the production of hybrid birds which are usually problematic.

Although no hybrid Quaker has been found yet. But it’s still a possibility.

Therefore, ensure that your Quaker parrot is genetically pure when you’re buying them.

04. Breeding Lines

Parrots that have good genes are more beautiful, cheerful, and calmer. They also display less tyranny.

Professional breeders opt for birds with good breeding lines. This is part of why buying from them is costlier

05. Color of Feathers

This is the most apparent factor that determines the price of Quaker parrots. And it is the most attractive feature of the parrot.

Parrots with unique colors of feathers such as white and pied birds are more expensive.

Quaker Parrot Color Chart

This process of color mutation involves combining different colors of birds to give another color.

It can be through autosomal or sex-linked methods. And all these can be represented using a color chart.

Color 1 × Color 2Resultant Color
Blue × Blue= Absolute Blue (100℅)
Blue × Green= Green-Blue
Blue × Green-Blue= 50℅ Blue and 50% Green-Blue
Green-Blue × Green= 50% Green-Blue and 50% Green
Para Blue × Green= 100% Green-Para Blue
Green-Blue × Para Blue= 50% Green-Para Blue and 50% Blue-Para Blue
Gray-Green × Green= 50% Green and 50% Gray-Green
Gray-Green × Grey-Green= 100℅ Grey-Green
Dark-Green × Green= 50% Green and 50% Dark-Green
Dark-Green × Dark-Green= 100% Dark-Green
Olive × Green= 100% Dark-Green

Quaker Parrot Owning Cost

Quaker Parrot Owning Cost

01. Feeding

Quaker parrots need to be fed adequately to live long. They need pellets, fruits, and vegetables in their food.

The owner of these birds should avoid feeding them food that contains caffeine. The food they eat costs about on average 300 dollars yearly.

Although, buying their food in bulk will reduce the money spent on feeding.

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02. Toys

Toys and play materials are very dear to Quaker parrots. They are cheerful birds and they like to play a lot.

Toys make them happy and healthy; it also serves as an exercise.

These materials include ropes, ladders, blocks, puzzles, and other stimulating objects. And they cost an average of about 50 dollars per month.

03. Medical Care

Quaker parrots are prone to certain medical conditions such as diarrhea and liver diseases.

And it is necessary to take them to a veterinary doctor in such cases. The hospital usually charges between on average 15 to 25 dollars per visit.

The charges may be high if it’s a serious medical issue. However, getting pet insurance reduces medical care costs.

04. Grooming

If you’re keeping a Quaker parrot as a pet, you need to get grooming materials. These materials include bathing and nail trimming materials.

However, you may not be able to trim their nails yourself due to their delicate nature.

And that will have to take them to a veterinary doctor for nail trimming.

Typically, grooming costs between 13 to 25 dollars on average a month.

05. Quaker Parrot Cage Price

Even with their small sizes, Quaker parrots need a big cage. Minimally, the cage size should be 24 × 24 ×24.

Spacious cages allow the birds to move freely. Getting a cage is the next important thing to buy a Quaker parrot.

And the cages are also the most expensive utility needed, it is almost as expensive as the birds.

Usually, the price of the cages ranges between 150 dollars and 1000 dollars. However, luxury cages may cost more than 1000 dollars on average.

Apart from buying the cages, you also need to get cage accessories like liners and some decorations. This may cost an additional 10 dollars average a month.

Tips To Consider Before Purchasing a Quaker Parrot

01. Legality

The parrot is not permitted in all countries. The bird can become dangerous when it goes wild, so some countries restrict its ownership.

It is very troublesome to buy an illegal parrot. You have to keep being hideous. You may also get punished when you’re caught.

02. Safety

Next is the safety of the bird in your home. Ensure you don’t have objects or pets that are dangerous to the parrot.

03. Care and Hygiene

Parrots are usually messy birds; they might not be a bad choice for you if you can’t stand your house in a mess for a split second.

Also, it takes a considerable amount of time to clean up after their mess. You have to clean their cages regularly and the surroundings as well.

04. Shelter

Never use a wood cage to house Quaker parrots. They are also pecking on things and they might spoil a wood cage.

Therefore, a steel-coated cage is preferable. Avoid cages that are coated with zinc, they may be harmful to the bird.

Choose a comfortable cage for them as a shelter, it goes a long way in maintaining them.

Common FAQs

What is The Average Cost of a Quaker Parrot?

The prices of Quaker parrots differ by a wide margin. This is due to various factors such as color, breed, gene, etc.

So, it’s difficult to fix a price range for the Parrots. The price of the cheapest Quaker parrots is between 200 and 550 dollars.

Whereas rare ones can cost an average of up to 1000 dollars and even more.

Is The Blue Quaker Parrot Expensive?

Because of the beauty of blue Quaker parrots, people might think it’s expensive. But they are the most economical color mutations.

They are the next to the green colors in terms of availability. Their lower price is a result of their availability.

Although some shades are more expensive such as the para blue. But that is a special and unique blue Quaker parrot. And it’s rare to come across.

How Much Does it Cost To Feed a Quaker Parrot?

Quaker Parrots feed majorly on seeds, vegetables, and fruits. Their feed contributes quite a lot to their maintenance.

Feeding is the most expensive part of owning them. Because you have to continue feeding them for years.

The average cost of feeding a Quaker part is about 30-35 dollars a month.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Quaker parrot pricing is high, especially for the rare breed. But the cost of their feeding, cage, and other utilities is more expensive.

If you can’t afford a rare breed of this parrot, you may opt for cheaper and common ones or consider adopting them.

Note that it takes more than just acquiring a Quaker parrot. The intended owners should also be able to afford the utilities and equipment needed to keep them.