How Many Words Can A Macaw Learn? Reveal the Myths

How Many Words Can A Macaw Learn

Macaws are incredibly individualistic birds, and if your primary motive for having one is their speaking abilities, you’ll be better off purchasing it from a reliable breeder rather than a local pet shop. Pet owners enjoy their pets just as much for their personality and companionship as they appreciate their talk capability. The African Grey …

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How Much Does a Macaw Cost – Macaws Price in 2023

Macaws Price

Macaw lovers have a common question: how much does a macaw cost? The price of macaw birds ranges typically $500-$5000 depending upon the breed, color, and size of the macaw. Presently, the most popular type of macaws price in the pet market in 2023 is around $1000 to $18,000. Macaws are definitely one of the …

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11 Best Bird Cage For Lovebirds in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Bird Cage For Lovebirds

Finding the right cage for any animal may or may not be a struggle for some pet owners. When it comes to birds, in particular, considering the right amount of space and accessories for them is highly necessary. Birds require a spacious environment for mobility, comfort, and safety. Having to purchase a birdcage at a …

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Catalina Macaw: Study of The Whole Species Profile in 2023

Catalina Macaw

The Catalina Macaw probably doesn’t come to mind when you think of unique and rare birds. With an estimated wild population of less than 800, these beautiful parrots are not exactly hard to find in abundance. Thankfully, the Catalina Macaw is one of the most common and easily spotted parrots in its natural habitat. Even …

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13 Best Bird Cages Parakeet – Review & Buying Guide in 2023

Best Bird Cage For Parakeet

Melopsittacus Undulatus, as horrid the scientific name for your parakeets or your budgies as it may seem, finding a cage is slightly a job that breaks a little less sweat! Sure enough, you love your little birdies, and so do we! That the parakeet (or parakeets) doesn’t feel intimidated living in a cage, you need to …

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